Why does this website hate Cozy Glow so much?

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@Shimmering Spectacle
Didn't you see the first two episodes of season 5? That's where she refused to surrender and ran away. Also, as stated in my last comment, it took actual effort from Twilight to get her to that point. In contrast, Cozy was given up on almost immediately after her reveal. Starlight was given proper help while Cozy didn't.

@Shimmering Spectacle
Only to hopefully be countered by the question of why didn't she try to reform her or give her a more sensible punishment.
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@Shimmering Spectacle
Yes, she excepted her punishment, but we can't forget what Twilight had to personally do to get to that point. If Starlight was treated the same as Cozy was, she would never have reformed.
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@Background Pony #E700
Twilight became a strawmare against Cozy because how EEA messed her mind up (my headcanon).
Starlight was lucky she met Twilight before EEA was introduced, Cozy was very unlucky to meet Twilight after EEA was introduced (points at Neighsay).
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