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Why does this website hate Cozy Glow so much?

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@Smart Heart  
I said Cozy Glow’s villainy was exaggerated to a cartoonish level because that is exactly what she is.  
But in the literal cartoon world that is Friendship Is Magic it works.  
Still her wickedness is relatable as in order for something to be exaggerated it first needs exaggerating from something,  
in this case the wickedness of megalomaniacal sociopathic greedy people, as equine don’t possess any of those distinctly human traits.  
The day I start quoting Doug Walker is the day I’ll finally pull the trigger. Mans an irredeemable fool.  
When you make your characters less human, you suck out the humanity? Yep that’s how it works Doug.
Smart Heart

These days, in order to send morals and messages, we need to relate to even villains on some level, no matter how small. This sort of thing might’ve worked better if she were at least a teen or young adult. How many children do you know personally who are like Cozy Glow? And I mean real children.
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@Smart Heart  
In the context of the show it works.  
It’s an animated world of magical talking animals so a suspension of disbelief is mandatory, I mean I assumed that went without saying.  
And I can say there were some truly monstrous kids at my school, you must have been lucky, I thought everyone knew psychopathic little demon children like that growing up.  
Cozy is the antithesis of the “lessons and morals” in FIM, inconspicuously manipulating all around her.  
Deviously cunning, unapologetically cruel, completely sadistic, totally unremorseful, sharply sinister all while being sickeningly cute and completely unassuming. If you don’t think that makes a great villein you probably need to get into other things besides MLP for a bit to broaden your horizons.  
That’s what makes her such a great and menacingly creepy villein, that’s what makes it an exciting and engaging show and not Barney & Friends or the Teletubbies, that’s the whole freaking point. Isn’t it?  
You can like and enjoy a villein or anything for that matter without having to emulate or agree with their actions motivations and beliefs. That’s entertainment.
Smart Heart

It does. But like you said, she’s based on others fictional characters like her, so there’s nothing new or exciting about her if we don’t know why she’s like this. And as I said before, this show taught important lessons in the past so we can’t completely disregard them and not take the show all that seriously. And were any of the kids at your school murderers like her? Did they want to rule over everything?
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@Smart Heart  
I don’t know,it was a big school.  
What the hell does that have to do with anything anyway? Who the hell looks at FIM for a realistic depiction of the world and a slice of life?  
Do you not know the meaning of the word exaggerated? It’s a cartoon and by association and all reason fictional.  
Ok, Bugs Bunny. Do you know any rabbits that crack jokes?  
Superman. Do you know anyone who can fly?  
Jake the dog. Know any Dogs who can shape shift and cook bacon pancakes? No? You know why?  
You speak like experience and your personal opinion are fact. Just because you haven’t experienced something yada yada.  
What is even your point anyway my Broney?
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@Background Pony #65C0  
Also don’t forget that when the anvil fell into Twilight’s head back in Season 1, she is still around in the show after that hit, otherwise the show ends, talk about Looney tunes.
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Ah yea, unrealistic personality problem was dated back in Flash Sentry drama, but that was on a “hero” character and the drama died down after more EQG movies, while Cozy… I mean if she is written as a teen or young adult, none of the dramas would have happened or last shorter.
Smart Heart

That’s because children can learn from their mistakes if intervened at her age. But once they reach adulthood, there’s little to no coming back.
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@Smart Heart  
Also safe to say that Diamond Tiara is more realistic antagonist of a child, at most a bully tormenting another kid because of abusive mother.
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@Smart Heart  
Won’t someone please think of the children?!  
Nah if they can understand that animation isn’t grounded in reality as you say they can decern between right and wrong.  
Likewise if they can’t they probably won’t care and pick up the lessons anyway, or not.  
The show isn’t a surrogate parent or teacher, nor should it be.  
Cozy is the antagonist and kids know that, you shouldn’t underestimate them.
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@Smart Heart
@Background Pony #65C0  
Ok ok, hold on, so there are two sides of adults who think about the capabilities of children…
One that children can only do what they can, another is that, some rare cases happens to children, them doing what adults are capable of or even more so (as called Child Prodigy, take Dexter’s Lab for example, or PPGs)…
Again, in fiction, children can be anything because it’s fiction, but in reality, us adults often limits or look down on them, which can set generational conflicts.
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Just popping in to say I still think Cozy simply wasn’t a well figured out character. The creation of her probably went something like,“what if,a filly was a villain?” “We haven’t done that!” Then they forget to come up with any reason she is the way she is. Oh,and Grogar was Discord. It’s highly likely most of the finale was rushed and poorly thought out.
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@Dex Stewart  
It’s like they need to finish the series before 2020, before the pandemic (joke asides).
While back in 2018, Chrysalis and Tirek are still out there waiting to be rewritten.
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@Background Pony #3CAF  
The question is how children interpret cartoons and their ability to differentiate between fiction and non.  
I believe it is case by case as with most individuals, but by the ages FIM is marketed towards I imagine children have learnt the difference or should have been taught it.  
As for whether a complexly written Cozy Glow is required to achieve this, well I have my doubts.  
I feel most of the “lessons” taught are fairly universal in that they themselves are not at all original to FIM, and thats not a bad thing as the “morals” on the whole are pretty standard fair for modern cartoons and are accepted as that.
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