Would The crystal Empire been better...

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If instead of Shining Armour and Cadence holding off Sombra Its King Sombra Princess Luna fighting equally as The mane six try to find the crystal Heart and once Sombra defeats Luna he Goes after the crystal heart and loses due to being a second late. I would pay to see that
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Luna had her time of being useful, if she shows to be any better than Celestia nowadays it will look like a bad fanfiction, so No, she should be stuck at being useless.  
If it was Princess Celestia instead, than it would’ve been a little more natural, cause the Canterlot Wedding added some levels of her potential.
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So true.  
Cadence is a cockblock for the other royaltys  
She Was the reason Celestia lost  
She did not let Luna and Sombra have an epic showdown  
She did not let Sombra even have character devolopment  
She Made Chrysalis Look like an Idiot  
She ruins Shining Armour Protective Husband Personality because she is stronger than him  
She Took Bluebloods Place as Celestias favourate Foal
Damn is she an Antagonist?
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I would prefer a Celestia and Luna vs Sombra rematch with Sombra evening the scales by somehow becoming an alicorn himself or an all-out epic Sombra vs Cadence showdown that would decide the fate of The Crystal Empire. (With Sombra winning either one of said suggestions for maximum awesome).
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