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Discord: That explains a lot, actually.
Starlight: Ah figures you would sneak up on us Discord. But anywaysvwhat do you mean.
Discord: Twilight has no memories until I used a spell on her and restored some memories. She doesn’t know the Student Six as well so she still forgot them.
Or to be specific the tree was more successful in having the Six blocked out of Twilights head.
Maybe she wanted to make sure those brats didn’t lead Twilight to the tree. Clever but it didn’t work Ms Tree.
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Treelight Sparkle:Let me check your memories, twilight.
Twilight Tragedy:No! Wait!
Treelight use her magic to check twilight’s memories, seeing a ton of them containing despair and depression. didn’t saw a lot of memories from the past. likely it was erased.
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Celestia: Wait were you the one who turned Twilight from normal to grey in ghe first place?
Starlight: I guess everypony is here apparently.
Discord: Something this important requires more than one person
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Starlight: Well! I don’t have all day! But if you wanna wait, well just be ready to have a toasty day…
Starlight lights her horn up
Starlight: So what do you s-
Treelight: I did. At least partially.
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Treelight: You see awhile ago, you consumed a plant. A plant that gave a certain level of despair. It was I who placed it there although I did think you Twilight would go so far.
Starlight: But why did you put it there?
Treelight: This is a test! I want you to prove to me how you can defeat the despair of Twilight. You have done well so far but mark my words there are still challenges. The tree is now despair because you must help not only her but me. It will be tough but if you are determined I know eventually you will make it
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Treelight Sparkle:Hahaha, Let’s see how––
a hologram-like screen appear behind Treelight
Treelight Sparkle:Huh? look behind and see screen What the?!
The screen show Twilight Sparkle saying cannot read books, can’t remember friendship, Twilight Sparkle started to cry.
Then screen flashes to see twilight sparkle turning grey. When she turn grey, she become very depressed.
Treelight Sparkle:What?! I didn’t gave a plant to her?!
The screen flash again then the text says:YOU CLAIMED, TREELIGHT SPARKLE.
The screen disappeared.
Treelight Sparkle:I-I claimed?! and i didn’t do anything or curse to twilight sparkle?!
Treelight Sparkle:I… sigh I’m sorry, I’ve claimed that i just did to twilight. I didn’t do anything to her.
Twilight Tragedy:Stopped sobbing, wipe her tears
Background Pony #EFE2
Twilight: It it it its fine. I just am so confused.
Celestia: We all are.
Discord: Even me.
Treelight: I am unsuee of what will happen but you have my blessings.
Starlight: So do you have the Elements of Harmony by you, ma’am?
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