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The "Looking for RP Partners" thread [SFW]

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Someone requested that there be a stickied thread for looking for RP partners and/or discussing ideas for new RPs before starting them. So here you go!
Please note that Derpibooru’s staff generally maintains a “hands off” approach to moderating this forum, so I’m not gonna tell you some specific way to use this thread. Ya’ll know this stuff better than I do, so just use however you see best.
(Also, I’m not gonna be paying attention to this thread, so PM me if something needs to be changed)
(Also, if this thread somehow gets to 100 pages, please let me know so I can give myself a badge for it :P)
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Now i just need to get my badge back so i can have my thread starter badge. Damn account changes.

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It’s…moving along, I guess. Trying to figure things out. Yeah. Welp. I’m gonna down some meds to knock me out until I have to get to work in a few hours. I’ll be back when…uh…when I come back? Soon? I don’t know…just…fuck. Hope you all are doing well….byyyyeeee…
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Hm… you know I’ve been on this site for years and only today noticed the forums thing up there? Not exactly the most observant person to live I’d have to admit. Oh well, uhm…. I’ve rped for … almost two decades at this point on various message boards. Need an extra character for your rp or whatever I’d be happy to help. I come through and check this site at least once or thrice a day. Currently have no rp plans myself but I’m up to join most any little adventure.

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Alright. So, yeah, it’s been a while since I posted but I do indeed have an idea for a thread.
So, basically, Equestria is gone. Taken over by the combined forces of the Caribou and their very powerful magic and the Zebra’s incredible might. But before I go further…
No, this is NOT a Fall Of Equestria Rp. No Rape. No Male Dominance. Nothing like that shit. Now then.
Years have gone by and Equestria has hit rock bottom. With the four Princesses in chains and deep underground, the royal guard disbanded and either locked up or dead, and the elements scattered across the plains and mountains of Equestria. Everything looks bleak and hopeless for the ponies who are either slaves or “street rats” compared to the Caribou and Zebra that live above them. The remaining pony population is in shambles with hunger and disease running a muck. In only adds to the horror that most ponies would turn on their own kind to survive. Not only that but when the pony population grows just over what the Caribou and Zebra Kings prefer, it’s an all out purge. Ponies, young and old are slaughtered in the streets to immediately drop the population and further inflict terror.
The story begins during one of these purges. A group of pony civilians trying to survive come across an uncovered capsule labeled SEVEN and below that, it reads: OPEN ONLY IF TRULY NECESSARY. Inside, they find another pony, out cold. As they begin to inspect, Caribou rush in and prepare to slaughter only to be slaughtered themselves by the pony in the capsule who awoke almost immediately when they walked in. The civilians ask his name. He calls himself SEVEN.
We come to find out that he is one of 10 elite super soldiers, put in cryo stasis because of unknown reasons by the Princesses of Sun and Moon. Scattered across Equestria in secrecy. Next. He proclaims that it’s time to take back their home.
So, yeah, if you think it’s interesting, let me know and maybe it’ll be a thing. PM me or whatever. As for who will play the super soldiers, me and whoever else wants to be one. Yup.
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