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Me: **I noticed that neither Gerald nor Twilight are following behind me** "What's the hold up?" **I head back up to hear what Twilight has to say** "Ah yeah...with the multiverse essentially open to Equestria, that does put things into consideration...and with that Discord guy still missing, we'll have one less reality warper to help us"
Bubbles: "Okay" **Sits there for a few seconds** *"Oooooh, what do I do to make sure they're following along in the right direction?"* **Lightbulb pops up above head** "Aha!"

Buttercup: "Bubbles, what's the hold up!?"

Bubbles: "I've got an idea! Scootaloo, Buttercup, listen to my voice and follow along!" **Clears throat** "~Following the leader, the leader, the leader..."

Buttercup: "%Not the song of choice I would've picked but it works%" **Follows on behind**

Blossom: **Small chuckle** "Sounds like its working for them, so far. Ok, Applebloom, you're up now"
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