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Me: **As we walked down to the main hall, I replied to Gerald** "We do have some genius scientists in the form of Professor Utonium and Whistler who you may remember, Gerald, was formerly Albrecht Schweizer, assistant to Albert Einstein’s research on the space time continuum" **I look to Twilight** "Also Plant Man seemed pretty ingenious in his own right. Think about it, all 3 of them working together with you in order to solve this crisis"
Blossom: **Grabs Appleblooms hoof** "It's not that unorthodox from Bubbles. One time, she help managed to stop a monster from rampaging through athe city of Townsville by simply telling said monster, nicely, to leave the area...and it complied. Me and Buttercup were surprised and confused at the time cause, earlier, neither of our strategies really worked but neither of us wanted to admit that we were in the wrong. It took a while but we eventually realized that, sometimes, the unorthodox just works"
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