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Vigil: "gяєαт, ι αм ѕιℓєит νιgιℓ, αи∂ ∂σи'т ωσяяу, иσ σиє ιѕ мα∂ αвσυт тнє σℓ∂ ναѕє, ιт ωαѕ α ףυιςк fιאָ fσя тнє ρяιиςєѕѕ. ωєℓςσмє тσ ρσиуνιℓℓє ву тнє ωαу."

_he gave her a smile as only the inkling boys back home could, usually when they just won a match._

"ωє gєт α ℓσт σf νιѕιтσяѕ αяσυи∂ нєяє, αℓℓ σf тнєм ωαкє υρ ιи тнє fσяєѕт, ѕσ ωє тяу тσ нєℓρ тнєм gєт ѕιтυαтє∂ нєяє."

_he makes another gesture, then a surprised noise as he had just accidentally fuigured out he had a squid form._

"єн? уσυ ςαи ѕнαρєѕнιfт? σкαу тнιѕ ιѕ иσω σffιςιαℓℓу αωєѕσмє, ι нανє α νσιςє тнαт ωσякѕ αи∂ ςαи вєςσмє α ѕףυι∂. αиутнιиg єℓѕє ςσσℓ ωє ςαи ∂σ?"

_meanwhile twilight turned to (who is he Magatin?)as_

Twilight: "one of star swirl's greatest works, a full species swap spell that has basically no drawbacks... except the power of the caster and a volunteer member of the target species. works on breezies, seaponies, dragons, changelings and one time on a minotaur."


Applebloom: "Scootaloo is one."

Sweetie: "Applebloom! featherbrain is technically a bad word, aimed at anyone that has feathers and acts without thinking... applebloom's sister often calls one of her best friends that too."


Whistler: "with everything that has happened we can't exactly afford not to trust you, i may have allowed equestria to jump over a lot of the problems of modernization, this nation will never be stuck on coal for power for one, but with all that is happening i fear the clouds that gather on the horizon."
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