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Twilight: "good idea, i'll see about these two. see you later matias."

Vigil: "ѕσ ωє ςαи ∂яσρ fяσм вαѕιςαℓℓу αиу нєιgнт, αѕ ℓσиg αѕ ωє ∂σи'т ℓαи∂ ιи ωαтєя, тнαт'ѕ ρяєтту иєαт тσσ. ιи αиу ςαѕє, тσ мαкє ιт σffιςιαℓ, ѕнєℓℓу, ωєℓςσмє тσ ρσиуνιℓℓє ωє'ℓℓ вє нαρρу тσ нєℓρ уσυ gєт ѕєт υρ... ∂α∂ ςαи ρяσвαвℓу συтfιт уσυ ωιтн α тяαиѕℓαтσя, ιт ωσякє∂ gяєαт fσя мє."

_he returns to Inkpony form, holding out a hoof._

"ι'∂ ℓιкє тσ нєαя αвσυт ωнєяє уσυ ςσмє fяσм ℓαтєя, вυт ιf тнαт ωαѕ ωнαт мα∂є уσυ ςяу ι ѕнσυℓ∂и'т ρυѕн ιт."


Applebloom: "well, since scoots is out of earshot i can tell you, she is the literal worst show off i've ever seen, her doing her day job happens on accident while she shows off."

Sweetie: "are you sure she's the worst? we did meet trixie."

"Trixie's job IS showing off and Rainbow dash heckled her doing that because the whole town wasn't paying attention to her."


Whistler: "stands to reason that when there are at least 4 genius roboticists that they made more than one robot. i'd be guessing there is in fact a wide selection of... brothers? cousins, perhaps? in all likelihood covering other elements?"

_he looks over at gerald._

"we did ahve videogames back home too, if we ever stumble over green glowing crystals, do not touch. Nothing is real in every universe, but everything is real in one."
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