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Gerald: "Yeah, if it wasn't for Stranaii pointing it out earlier, most of us probably wouldn't have known about Shelly's condition until it was too late"

**Gerald turns to a mirror**

Gerald: "Speaking of which, I'm surprised you even mentioned it to me. As a Star Emperor, I thought you'd be above such 'primitive' morals"

**His mirrored reflection looked annoyed with him**

Stranaii: "*Would you prefer that I **were** so heartless...?*"

Gerald: "...no?"

Stranaii: "*Then curl your tongue and refrain from such comments!*"

Gerald: "Um...yes sir"

**Shelly, confused by what's going on currently, turned to Vigil**

Shelly: "I've got a couple things to say. One; I'm sorry to have misjudged you in my head, you were only trying to help me. Two...is that guy seriously talking to himself?"
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