A background pony keeps adding hundreds of inaccurate tags

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It’s just someone with no life. At some point this person felt personally offended by the community and has dedicated years of their time to subverting IP bans in order to vandalize the tags on anything tagged “rape”. Marsminer just happens to be one of their common targets.
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Considering it’s almost always the same images they keep tag vandalising, i think it might be best if the tags get locked after they get cleaned up to stop them from doing it again.
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Who knows if it’s accurate or just some name they want to smear? Besides, it doesn’t help with anything.
Report tag vandalism - via reports - when you see it. That’s all.
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sorry i didn’t repond sooner because i had to find out who that is and went to bed after i gotten information.
i don’t think it was her using a different name, as that name isn’t listed in the archive link. i looked them up on the website and noticed their profile pic has the same character as the 3rd user mentioned in the kill themself tag. the character appears to be an oc of what looks like animaniacs. both accounts seem to be deactivated so trying to talk to a dead account would be like talking to a wall, so i looked up #animaniacs on DA to see if i could find the character, and i found them. the user wants to remain anonymous if this message gets put on other websites, she wants to be named php03. anyway, i asked php03 if she was the 2 deactivated users and if she knew chloemay16. she asked me how did i know that and told her what was going on on derpi. php03 replied that she is aware of this because they had conversations in notes about the tag changing. the first conversation dates back in march 2020, when chloe had an account named Tammy5905, which isn’t on the list since the account sent porn links and seemed like one of those spam bots that appear on DA. php03 couldn’t find the conversation in her notes because her notes are filled with rps with another user who used to do ttte rps with her but later gross rps. php03 thought it was him trying to win her back, as the relationship was abusive and was slowly breaking her. even tho she can’t find that conversation, she can remember how it might have went, but since notes are harder to read due to them being bottom to top texting, she decided to write it in an easier way for you to read:
php03: i told you to go away! you hurt me and and my friends and now you’re sending me porn links where minors can see them! are you insane?!
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): who the fuck are you talking about, fagtard?
php03: w-wha? you should know what i’m talking about….
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): no i don’t >:(
php03: wait… your grammer doesn’t seem to be like… sorry… :( i thought you were my ex bf… he turned me into a sad zombie ever since i met him…
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): god you’re so fucking stupid, fagtard
php03: i’m not a fagtard! why don’t you go waste your time spamming porn links somewhere else like twitter or derpibooru or facebook or youtube or something!
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): the hell is derpibooru?
php03: its a my little pony website with lots of fanart. some good, some bad, and some with tags that don’t belong
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): what do you mean?
php03: well they have this tag called rape and it implies grimdark. i really don’t think grimdark is fitting because the images don’t seem to have themes of gore, death, or murder. but they won’t listen and just keep banning me :(
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): grow the fuck up.
php03: …..
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): what? seeing you fail is funny XD
php03: its not…. i want to quit, but something keeps telling me i have to keep removing grimdark and rape from those images…. maybe that idiot ex bf fucked my head too much… idk….
Tammy5905 (chloemay16): keep doing it lol and make protest pictures to prove you are a fagtard! XD
php03: thats it i’m blocking you now get lost!
after that, php03 didn’t see tammy5905 again and kept on removing tags. i asked her if she did make protest pictures, she replied yes and said it was a stupid decesion to take tammy5905’s word for it. php03 had made a few protests on DA until on june 19 2020, she made a journal confessing she gave up on trying to convince that rape still felt good and is only dubcon. she told me she learned to accept that rape is a real tramuatizing experience and nothing to feel happy about. she told me one day after she gave up removing tags, she had noticed some weird tag changes going on and saw someone removing rape from images and adding not sure if want tags. she told me she was freaking out if her ex bf was trying to be like her and trying to make the staff believe she never did change her ways, php03 got her answer after she made a new account and saw a user spamming kys comments on hq’s profile when she was looking her a point giveway and decided to ask her in notes why she wants to make drama. now php03 doesn’t remember the name of the troll, but she said she thinks the name was Transformers-1100. here’s the conversation:
php03: excuse me, but this is deviantART, not deviantDRAMA lol
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): shut the fuck up whore!!
php03: excuse me? i’m not a whore. i am actually a smart user and you’re just a stupid troll trying to cry for attention xD
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): nigga kill yourself fagtard!
php03: fagtard..? wait… wait are you that idiot who spammed porn links on my old account?!
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): that wasn’t me, you bitch
php03: okay, name who else uses fagtard then..
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): i’ll take photos of you being raped by your father and tag them as happy sex since rape is fucking kawaii!!!
php03: wait you’re also that bitch who is vandalizing tags after i quit doing it?!
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): that also isn’t me lol
php03: you… freaking… jerk… so you’re trying to make me look bad again?! just get out of my life and stop blaming me for something i quit doing!
Transformers-1100 (chloemay16): FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!
after that conversation, php03 had started to get harassed by chloemay16, who kept making multiple accounts telling her to kill herself and many other hurtful things that almost made php03 want to deactivate her account. luckily, chloemay16 wasn’t seen again until she called one of php03’s arts ugly and began to spam again. php03 had to make new accounts due to chloemay16 making false reports about how she was bullying people when it wasn’t true all because of php03 trying to warn others about chloe being back. she stated it’s like chloe has a device that goes off when someone mentions her name or the archive link with proofs against her.
php03 even mentioned she gotten strange emails from derpi with messages replying to messages she didn’t remember making. she feared she was hacked so she quickly changed her password, which only pissed off the hacker. who was the hacker? you guessed it: chloemay16. chloemay16 sent php03 emails calling her awful things and had been sending her awful emails with gross pictures because she was pissed she couldn’t hack her gmail again. as to how chloemay16 hacked, php03 stated that chloe kept guessing both gmail id and password until she got in. php03’s password is now a lot harder to figure out now so she won’t get hacked again.
php03 had then mentioned she has screenshots of chloe’s shitposts as proof that derpi is where she goes when leaving DA until fall and winter come. she also has screenshots of when chloe harrassed her on DA. as for the other users mentioned in chloe’s kys tag, they suffered through her attention whoring and spamming as well.
so yeah, that artist you mentioned isn’t chloe. chloe is a different person who is a complete asshole and php03 has moved on to be better and accept derpi’s tag guidelines.
as to where chloe is now, she’s hiding, but here is one of her accounts she still has up that was mentioned in that list: https://www.deviantart.com/InnocentArtistt
if you do plan to share this message on other sites, heres a shorter version to copy and paste:
-there is a tag vandel on derpibooru named chloemay16
-chloe had an account named tammy5905 and spammed porn links on DA and met someone named php03, who told chloe to go away and spam somewhere else
-php03 mentioned derpibooru and mentioned the rape tag implying grimdark didn’t make sense, which seemed to amuse chloemay16/tammy5905
-php03 gave up vandalizing but chloemay16 is doing the vandelism now as well as tried to hack php03’s gmail to get her in trouble again
-php03 had grown up and accepted the tag guidelines, but is aware of chloe vandalizing and causing chaos.
-here is a link to proof of her trolling and other crimes on DA: https://archive.ph/gTmOn
-chloe may be hiding away from DA, but her InnocentArtistt account ( https://www.deviantart.com/InnocentArtistt ) is still up and might pop up again on derpi, so watch out and keep your eyes peeled.
spread this post to warn others that chloemay16 is still on the loose
thank you for your time to read this
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