Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo

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Crazy Pervert
Maybe ditzy doo should finally be aliased to derpy hooves?
As far as I can see by the wiki and all the posts depicting Ditzy Doo on Derpibooru, Derpy Hooves and Ditzy Doo are considered the same character.
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Undead inside
You linked the wiki but not the tags, tsk tsk.
Last I checked Ditzy Doo was attributed to a purple haired pony, but maybe not anymore?
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I’ve also seen it specifically attributed to ghoul-ified Derpy from Fallout Equestria, but even if that’s the case, that version of Derpy really should have it’s own specific tag instead if she doesn’t have one already.
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Last I checked Ditzy Doo was attributed to a purple haired pony, but maybe not anymore?
That’s a vanishingly rare attribution of the name. I just looked through the “ditzy doo” tag and only counted about six images of that character (out of almost 500). All of them were about 10 years old.
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Maybe it should imply derpy hooves so there’s still a tag for images in which the character’s called “ditzy doo”?
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