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I like pippzipp better too, but I thought I'd point out what I saw as an opportunity. Though Princess Luna makes a very good point here. G4 isn't alone anymore.

I _*think_* we're also supposed to discuss new ship names rather than someone going and making one up without feedback, but I forgot to mention that. If that's the case, as I said, pippzipp works for me.


@Princess Luna":](/forums/tagging/topics/general-tag-discussion?post_id=5059485#post_5059485
Was this prompted by "[the inaugural pippzipp upload":](/images/2592694) being tagged with "[princest":](/tags/princest), by any chance? The timing checks out, haha. And proves your point.


@Pulse Wave":](/forums/tagging/topics/general-tag-discussion?post_id=5059503#post_5059503
Would there be demand for the tag being used like this, though? Will there be people browsing for _*all_* princest ships, be it lunestia or pippzipp or whatever other royal sisters may show up in G5?


I need clarification about hats.



Epic Fails_* and _*Good Vibes_*; _*Spring Breakdown_* and _*I'm On A Yacht_*.Does Rainbow wear a "[baseball cap":](/tags/baseball+cap) or just a "[cap":](/tags/cap) in those? I'm not clear on the nuance between them in English.
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