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I'd like to ask for people's opinion on this explicit art's incorrect tagging:


There are tags like: ||`crotchboobs`, '`nipples'`, '`nipple bite'`||

But in reality there are no ||nipples or crotchboobs|| in that picture, it's just a red bite mark because of Luna's biting.

It's supposed to be stretched skin there around that mark.

Besides, this artwork was created during the early years of the G4 show, and back then people often got confused about ponies having colorful fur, and sometimes interpreted it as a colorful skin instead, because of the simplicity of animation style.

**My main two arguments about the incorrect tagging of this picture are:**

1. This particular artist, [**artist:illuminatiums**](/tags/artist-colon-illuminatiums) , **never** had ||crotchboobs|| in their arts. The only few that are found, are edits made by some other people, adding those ||crotchboobs||, and this particular picture of course.

2. In this artwork you can clearly see the belly areas of some other ponies, where those ||crotchboobs|| could be visible, but there are none on anypony. So that should again prove that what we see on Celestia there is just a bite mark.

So, would it be correct to remove those incorrect tags (while adding a '`bite mark'` tag)?

What do you think?
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