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extra fun at parties
[@ichiban iceychan 1517](/forums/tagging/topics/general-tag-discussion?post_id=5197517#post_5197517)
There's a good bunch of people who filter it out or watch it, so its existence as a tag is pretty well founded. Since people are using it to avoid seeing stuff they don't like, it's already more useful than "cute" or "sexy", arguably.

[@Background Pony \#52BA](/forums/tagging/topics/general-tag-discussion?post_id=5197671#post_5197671)
I was once explained why it's this way but I'm not sure I ever understood. Anyways, it's pretty safe to assume that the reason is strongly linked to deflecting some grade A asshattery by people who are sworn to ensure that we cannot have nice things.

If it's nothing then it's off-topic, please don't post that sort of thing to begin with.
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