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General Tag Discussion

Background Pony #52BA
By what measure is g4.5 to g4? I guess, where’s the line for when something is like G4 style and not like Pony Life style?
- not chibi like Pony Life, but also the artist’s own style is rather unlike G4.  
- not chibi but has the fetlock style of the toys and claymation series.  
- likewise
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Should there be a description for the spaghetti scene tag?
I think since the images under the tag are parodying that spaghetti kiss scene from Lady and the Tramp, i think there should be a description to reflect that and make it more clear
Background Pony #DCA9
Can we puh-LEASE get a definition for feral? It’s a real mixed bag under that tag because no one even knows what it’s properly for [on this site in particular].
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