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General Tag Discussion

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My main basis here is how “spoiler:s0_” tags would be removed from images once the episodes were identified and could be tagged as “spoiler:s0_e__” instead. Seems to me like spoiler:g5 should behave like those more general season spoiler tags.
I forgot exactly how long it took after airing that spoiler tags got merged into other tags. FIM season, all comic, all Pony Life, later EQG, and FIM clipshow spoiler tags are still around, though some of those don’t lend themselves well to being merged into non-spoiler tags.
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Is there a separate tag for animations like >>2760075? Because there are a lot under the turntable tag, which is an alias of mixing table.
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@Hopen Way
I added some descriptions to those tags:
Turntable: What a DJ plays audio records on. Use ‘turnaround’ for multi-angle views of something.
Turnaround: Showing all sides of the subject, either animated or static.
I’ll fix tagging on the turntable images that should be turnaround.
There are some images that are neither - at the source they are 360-degree panoramic but here they’re just static. I don’t know if there is an existing tag for this. Examples:
‘Animated at source’ is one option, but there might be a more specific one.
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I really like her mane!
Most uploads with the character tag wild card have nothing at all to do with the character. Most of them are to do with the fanmade “dark” versions of the main characters, so I suggest a disambiguation tag.
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-siiiiggghhhh- and that’s the problem with giving obscure bg characters names of common things and then making their character tag the no-parenthesis one.
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Is it the correct interpretation that tags must be for what’s in the image, and not for what a YCH could become, on a YCH post? ie. it should not be tagged “human” if the example is an anthro, even if the YCH commission could result in a human? Likewise, should not be tagged “alicorn, earth pony, pegasus, unicorn”?
(“any species”, “any gender”, and “any race” would take their place)
Background Pony #52BA
Thanks. I will start to report users who do this habitually. Unfortunately, Rule #2 user reports tend to take a long time to be closed, so I frequently run out of my 3 reports when I do so…
Background Pony #A543
Hey y’all, do you think the “highrise ponies” tag should be used for images containing the “pony” and “kirin” tags? I mean kirins are ponies, but some differences detected. There’s other creatures, like hippogriffs, changelings, zebras, and griffons that exist, but they are non-pony, so should they really be given the “highrise ponies” tag when they aren’t clearly 100% pony?
Background Pony #52BA
@Background Pony #A543
Gonna be honest, I view the tag as a way to hide identify images that are “someone with a macro fascination photoshopped a character vector into a skyline photo”, so even if the tag’s name might not have been completely thought-out, it would be useful for whatever species the character is.
Background Pony #7C7A
Images about the invasion of Ukraine are pouring in. Should there be a separate tag for that? Or just a standard set of tags like “Ukraine, war, current events”?
Right now the tagging is inconsistent. People are sometimes tagging countries, sometimes OCs… Sometimes war, anti-war, current events, sometimes just the characters…
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