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I’ll look into semi-realistic some more, thanks. The head shapes in the image I linked were what got me on the hoersy track. I can see the stylization, especially with the 90⁰ neck angle and flatter coloring.
You have the power to pick a better name and alias the tags together. Unfortunately, my brain isn’t making any better names to suggest at the moment.
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What are differences between ‘mare on human female’ and ‘human female on mare’ tags?
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@Background Pony #AB46
For all of the sexual “on” tags, the dominant/“top” is “on” the other.
…which I think is too nuanced, inconsistently utilized, and confusing if there isn’t a clear separation of roles, but that’s how it’s specified in the tag descriptions of several of them (eg. female on male [“male on female” is aliased to straight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯], female on futa, futa on female, futa on male, male on futa).
That description is missing from several tags, such as human on pony action, pony on human action, pony on anthro action, anthro on pony action, and the two you asked about, among several others.
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@Background Pony #52BA
That’s why I’m asking, because there is a lot of images with dominant girls tagged as ‘mare on human female’, as well as some images with dominant ponies tagged as ‘human female on mare’.
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important NSFW questions
Are there tags to distinguish between cock transformation as in:
  • turning into a standalone penis shape,
  • turning into a penis-shaped penis that’s attached to someone else,
  • and conjoining with someone else in the position and function of a penis but retaining a normal head and potentially other limbs? (conjoined seems like it’d suffice but it’s barely used for that)
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I think it’s a sort of communal drawing tool in the form of either a website or a program, I’ve been seeing a lot of art recently of artist’s collaborating under it.
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I found the tag foe, which seems to be exclusively used on Fallout Equestria images. It probably could be merged with fallout equestria, though I’m a bit unsure if that’s the right move given “foe” has other uses and “fo:e” is already an alias and probably a decent shorthand.
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Could we please have teats alias to reasonably sized crotchboobs instead of the other way around? Derpibooru uses the teats tag differently from other sites, and so people keep adding it to images where it doesn’t belong, making it very unhelpful in searches.
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@Litrojia, @cheezedoodle, @Background Pony #52BA
Not that foe looks like it’s actually being used for anything besides “Fallout Equestria”, I just remembered that it’s also used in discussions to abbreviate “Fall of Equestria” (aside from also being, y’know, a word), so that gives me a little pause about aliasing it.
Background Pony #52BA
I don’t see what you mean. None of heart eyes’ aliases look like they’d have been used instead, and indeed there is a very tiny heart-shaped highlight drawn on the eyes, so the tag literally applies with its current definition.
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