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No need to be sorry my friend, everyone makes amall misstakes every once in a wheil.  
With that info, would it be ok if i asked you to make that thread, please?
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Awesome! Thank you so very much, it means alot to me. I will do as you say my friend. I am so extremly sorry if i have been a pain in the behind for you, it wasn’t my intent at all. I will now sit back and wait for it. But, when a verdict on the matter has been made, could you please inform me?
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Hello Dear Mods & Admins of Derpibooru how are you doing?  
I am wondering, could we please change the name of Purple Frizz to Magenta Williams, the reason being that she so very much looks like she could be the Mother of EQG’s version of Megan Williams?  
By any means please tell me if you think this is a good idea or not. Regardless of the outcome, i want to wish you all a very nice day.
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I made a thread about this about four month ago, but since it went ignored, I’ll shamelessly copy/paste most of what I had to suggest here.
Can we get more aliases for the Them’s Fightin’ Herds characters? Since their canon names aren’t actually the “Mickey Mouse” style we have them in. (I’ll explain below.)
Shanty, Texas, Minnesota, Cashmere and Cap all have a “(tfh)” tag at the end of their names, so should the main characters have those too? If not changed, then made as aliases to avoid too much confusion, and for more simple searching.
Arizona Cow — Arizona (tfh)  
Velvet Reindeer — Velvet (tfh) / Velvet Hoofstrong  
Pom Lamb — Pom (tfh)  
Paprika Paca — Paprika (tfh) (maybe Paprika Alpaca too?)
And for Fhtng Th§ ¿nsp§kbl, he needs to have a ‘fred (tfh)’ alias too, since his name is so annoying to remember (and spell).
Tianhuo and Oleander should be fine, but might as well add the same alias style to them too, for organization’s sake.
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