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There are 2 Spike, the Spike from FiM we know from the Show and the later EQG Spike who could not talk in the begin but after the Magic has arive in EQG, this Spike, who is just a Dog, can talk too.
Both Spike Dogs look identical, have the same Voice and the same intelligence, but they are not the same.
First I wanted to say there are 4 Versions, but I could not find Spike in the Group of EQG Char in Twilights Castle at the End of “Spring Break”, so there’s no “Spike the Dragon (EQG)”.
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The most G5 Pony Names are not the offial Names, because the most have no Names.
They are just blank BG Ponys who are not important for the Story.
Somehow strange G4 had so many Names, but g5 has just 21 Names.
Even the Apple Family has more Names as the Whole G5 Movie.
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I don’t know how the term “wild card” relates to the elements of insanity but it’s used on a lot of those pics, but is also a fan name for a minor background colt from The Mane Attraction. I’m guessing it would be better to split the colt off to “wild card (character)” and then make that the character tag.
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@The Equestrian Zodiac
I mean, you can see who it was in the tag changes page. I’d bet the BP from further back was the same user. IMO all their additions of the tag “wild card” could get reverted.
Only thing I could find is a paragraph on
The Elements of Insanity are the protagonist anti-hero wild card characters from the eponymous GMod videos.
Makes sense, because the user was also adding “anti-hero”, “anti-heroine” and “heroine” to most of them at the same time.
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This sounds like the solution. Either “Wild Card (character)” and “wild card”, or “Wild Card” and “wild card (descriptor here)”. Or maybe just “wildcard”? “Wild Card” for the character, and “wildcard” for the not-character?
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