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General topic for character tag categorization

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TagZombie: AC15, Atk +8
Did these, aliased thunder flap, reversed alias of posey bloom.
Voice credits is the primary source for naming conventions, toys secondary, so posey (g5) is beats posey bloom, thunder (g5) beats thunder flap, etc.
Background Pony #00D4
A user has been applying princess tuna for the G5 bird with a food can helmet. Is that a name that’s been mentioned in official media? The tag’s previous meaning was for Princess Luna species-swapped into a fish.

Assuming that isn’t right, is there a tag, or particular combination of tags, that should specify the food-can-on-head bird, and/or its no-can friend it’s usually seen with? For example, I would think at minimum, bird, can, g5 would find them, but it hasn’t always been tagged with can.

Stygian adorer
Ok, there’s something that’s bugged me for a while, and I’m wondering if this can get sorted out.

So, Raven. Cute pony, had a big feature in the comics too. But I’ve heard the name Raven Inkwell a few times too. I thought that was her full name, but I didn’t know if it was official, I thought it was a fan-made name. Well just Raven is used in the comics. There are some images with the “raven inkwell” tag, but she is primarily tagged as “raven”.
Well I just found out: She IS Raven Inkwell officially! From this blind bag card.
So which name should be aliased into which?
Background Pony #00D4
Why’s marshmellow coco (g3) aliased to marshmallow coco (g3)? From a quick search, it looks like the spelling with an “e” is official, so I would have expected the reverse (assuming people might “misspell” it with an “a”)
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