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Looking through:
Are we sure the orange unicorn is Onyx, and not the pink unicorn who lifted the house?
The orange unicorn didn’t say any words in this episode, so I’m not sure where that info came from.
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Got the g1 characters but it’s doubtful Onyx is the unicorn filly as she didn’t have any voiced lines in the episode. It’s either the beatnik pony or the house-moving pony.
Maybe we will get another episode with Onyx to confirm who it is.

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So there’s starting to be some edit war tagging back and forth going on with the Onyx thing. It almost seems certain that’s Gloomy’s real name, in which case, farewell, name Gloomy Sonnet, you’re never leaving as an affectionate nickname, at least.
But people keep putting the Onyx tag back on the filly, even though the fact is we don’t know for 100% sure yet. So I’m going to keep removing it for all the images except for the certain ones.
It’s just like the Misty thing. We don’t know for 100% sure if Misty is that blue unicorn girl.
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This pink Earth pony with glasses is referred to as Diggy in Netflix’s English subtitles for Make Your Mark at around 30:06.
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