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Intoxicated character tags should imply their characters and maybe other things

Background Pony #DFE6
Not sure what else to imply, specifically - the other character drug pun names that presently have implications aren’t consistent:
aria blazed, stonedata dusk, and adagio dazzled imply marijuana
flutterhigh implies high

I hope the few people tagging the majority of these are getting whatever help they need

drunk sex imply-> drunk, sex
junkie pie imply-> pinkie pie (because the drug might vary and its use might be directly depicted or implied, I don’t think anything else can be set as an implication)
flutterjoint alias-> flutterhigh
drunk celestia - looks like it was originally used for the Tumblr ask blog “ask-drunkcelestia” (and several of the older images from other sources mention that blog in their descriptions), but due to easy confusion with drunklestia maybe it should be aliased to that, and a more self-explanatory tag like “ask drunk celestia” should be applied instead.
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