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"neck nuzzle" and "neck hug": merge or separate?

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Should neck nuzzle and neck hug be aliased or separated?

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With regards to neck hug, I had written this in General Tagging Discussion, and will copypaste here:

Hm, yes, “neck hug” as a phrase could be interpreted as “hug targeting the neck” or “hug performed by a neck”…
Looking at a few that are currently tagged with “neck hug”, for ones like:
I think hoof around neck/arm around neck ought to be used instead of “neck hug”. The one with AJ and Rarity could even be a side hug.

I had also written that IMO nuzzling in general is defined by being a pushing and rubbing of one’s face and head into and against the subject of affection. Some neck hug pictures could have both behaviors, like:
and there are a few where I’d remove the neck hug tag and instead use neck nuzzle, such as:
but this leave the question open whether nuzzling against someone else’s neck is a concept worth keeping distinct from “nuzzling” in general.
Contingent on what, if any, action is taken in terms of potential aliasing or not, neck nuzzle ought to imply nuzzling
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