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1. "[Artura Blackthorne":](/search?q=oc%3Aartura+blackthorne

3. Species: Night Unicorn (mix of Unicorn [sire] and Bat Pony [dam])
Sex: Shemale, from a long line of such unicorn mares beginning in the Discordian era

4. Somewhat taller than the average unicorn, Lady Artura Blackthorne, age 38, is cool, calm, and collected, as a born and bred Canterlot noble-mare should be. A magic scientist and researcher by trade, Artura was behind two major projects, one was Project Dreamscape, and the other being Project Dimensional Window. While she holds no real disdain for non-unicorns or commoners, she is nonetheless proud and unashamed of her, species, noble upbringing and relatively high social position, and does like to flaunt it from time to time. Artura is deeply in love with and married to the noted earth pony broodmare Olive HolleyLocke, reflecting the Blackthorne tradition of marrying ponies that are particularity talented in their fields or otherwise notable among Equestrians in general.

5. No SFW pic, as the only one was by a now DNP artist.


1. "[Fertile Summer":](/search?q=oc%3Afertile+summer

3. Species: Earth Pony
Sex: Female

4. Fertile Summer, age 43, is the earth pony's earth pony. A very large mare with a stocky, sturdy build, Fertile is quite strong from her life as farmer. Additionally, she is top tier broodmare, having produced twelve foals, including three with Artura, and more to come. Fertile is one of a group of powerful earth ponies who help ensure the earth pony skills and talents are continued and passed down. Warm, open, affectionate, and friendly, she is proud of her earth pony heritage very much enjoys being motherly and loves her chosen occupations. Fertile is married to Artura Blackthorne, whom she loves dearly and helps keep grounded.

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