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Lincoln Brewster time
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Done. I should mention that your username change broke the links to your profile page. I fixed it for the characters you linked, but if you want that fixed for your other OCs, I could take care of that if you give me a list. Also, though I added it, I advise that you shorten Fire Brander's bio or add a link to the full bio on a different website.


Thanks for fixing the link. If that could be done on all my OCs with descriptions, I would appreciate it. 😊 thank you so much 🤗

Also...yeah, I know that one guy's profile description is pretty long. It's very important to his character, but that was the shortest I could make it without cutting out any important stuff >~<

Maybe I'll try to revise it later.
Oh, and for the link fixes, just fix all the recent requests (those are for Nocturnal Vision, Killer Epic, Incentive Iridescence, True Resistance, Rustic Charm, Blinker) and Venerate 😁

Doesn't necessarily have to be you, too - any other mod or you will do.
Thanks for being so patient with this boatload of requests Litroja, I appreciate it greatly 🥰
Just one note, though: Fire Brander should be a unicorn in the description, not an alicorn. 🙂
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