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1: "[oc:Emerald Strass":](/tags/oc-colon-Emerald+Strass

2: "[AleisterLongEars":](/profiles/AleisterLongEars

3: Male Mule (donkey father and earth pony mother)

4: A traveler mule that used to explore all the equestrian land and beyond with his trusted wagon. He is used to go around with a nice makeup and stripes painted on his rear legs, to show the love he got from the farasi, the place were he traveled the most when he was young and with his parents. Then, his road crossed the Starflux path, and he decided to work for them to keep equestria safe. His knowledge of many cultures and languages helped him and the Starflux a lot, plus the smart use of his social skills usually make the missions more smooth! And as a plus, he get to fool around with pretty creatures~

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