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Sugar Morning
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Cute by Default
1. [oc:sugar morning](/tags/oc-colon-sugar+morning)

2. Creator:[Sugar Morning](/profiles/Sugar+Morning)

3. Species/Gender: Pegasus/Female

4. Description : Sugar Morning is a pegasus mare who works as a freelancer artist and designer. She’s motherly in general, total introvert but loves a great company, anxious 24/7, she can be lazy sometimes but loves challenges and adventures. Despite her original talent as a singer, she pursued visual arts for her living, hoping that one day she could finally earn enough bits to be a better singer. She also owns a cafe and currently lives together with her coltfriend, oc:[bizarre song](/tags/oc-colon-bizarre+song)g.

5. >>2780688p

Everything's the same I just want to update the pic XP
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