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Nova Saber 97
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Latex Lover
  1. Lady Lightning Strike
  2. Nova Saber 97
  3. Pegasus/ Ascended Sky Pegasus / Female
  4. Lady Lightning strike is a Pegasus mare who has never been on the Pony Homeworld of Equus. She was born in space and raised in an illegal Gladiatorial Ring. She named herself after discovering her talent in lightning control. She possesses the unique magical ability to control every form of lightning. After earning her freedom from the Ring, she started helping out anyone who needed it. Eventually she was given the title of Lady Advisor. Thus began the legend of Lady Lightning strike. Helper of all and secretly lover of latex.
  5. >>2343311
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Hello I have more OCs needing descriptions.. I might come back with 1 more and I’ll be done lol
  1. Kagutsuchi
  2. Fudgey
  3. Kirin/Male
  4. Kagutsuchi is named after a Japanese fire god, He is known to appear out of nowhere and help others in need, he seems to not mind rubber or a little fun with others.
  5. >>2473127

  1. Vlada Viktorovna Deeva
  2. Fudgey
  3. Unicorn/Female
  4. Vlada Viktorovna Deeva or Deeva for short is a Soviet mare, liking the rubber attire that her rival Chocolate Fudge wears, she is tyrannical with her tactics in warfare
  5. >>2582343

  1. Messerschmitt
  2. Fudgey
  3. Pegusas/Female
  4. Messerschmitt or Aurora, A Germane pegasi with flying skills that match both Spitfire and Rainbow dash in flying speed with other noteworthy flight skills she is like any other pegasi with a bit of an ego and her other abilities with her flight is electricity that makes her faster than any propeller and match speeds of a jet, she can cause massive thunderstorms when flying long distances. She is best friends with Chocolate Fudge.
  5. >>2530180
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I missed one more character so here’s everything you need.
  1. Desert Blossom
  2. Fudgey
  3. Earth pony/Female
  4. Dassy or Desert Blossom as her full name is a Saddle Arabian Ambassador with a latex fashion taste, she often visits Equestria to make plenty of friends and learn about different cultures.
  5. (I have none at the moment.)
Background Pony #6B5F
Do you still take requests? If so, then I have one
Queen Starlight
Normal appearance, but with wings(base is same color as her coat, middle is violet, and tips are lapis-blue)
Also has a silver crown with several beautiful medium-blue magic strengthening emeralds, and a large silver staff with a larger emerald on the top.
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