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Egg a là Cock
I’d like to change some stuff about my oc villainshima
Species: Constantem Clipeatus (Custom Species)  
Description: A prehistoric individual of an extinct race who resembles changelings. While able to mutate to different species with similar color patterns, he often hides his more rustic looks to avoid detection.  
Image: >>2284154
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Movie Style Artist
I want to change the description on my OC Nightfall Sparkle and Velodash
For Nightfall Sparkle description :  
Daughter of Velodash and Powerful Sparkle (Sci-Twi), she’s a nerd mare/girl. Loves reading books, listening music, learn something new about magic and sometimes she likes acting like her parents.
For Velodash description :  
Husband of Powerful Sparkle (Sci-Twi) and father of Nightfall Sparkle, he’s a kind heart person/pony. He’s a magical mechanic and owner of car workshop in human world.
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Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
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The Greyest
Hi! If I may put in a request for my oc?
  1. oc:graeyscale  
  2. Creator: Graeyscale  
  3. Female Pegasus  
  4. Graeyscale (or, rather, Græyscale) is a female policemare would rather be out and about than being stuck behind a mountain of paperwork. Despite her rather bland appearance, she’s just as comfortable with working behind the scenes of things or being cast under the spotlight.  
  5. Image: >>2367590
Soaring Soarin

Crippled horse chad.
Hello, I’d like to request a description of my OC.
  1. OC: Soaring Spirit
  2. Creator: Soaring Soarin
  3. Male Pegasus
  4. Prematurely born his wings did not develop properly. Therefore he requires the assistance of wing braces to allow him to fly for an extended time. He lives with his girlfriend and in their spare time go to Wonderbolt shows where he secretly hopes he can one day join.
    5 image >>2698278
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