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Non-Fungible Trixie -

  1. Pegasus/Female
  2. A daring pegasus who joined Luna’s Night Guard seeking adventure and respect. When off-duty, the mare is often hanging out with oc:Solar Gizmo or oc:Hazel Radiate
  3. Pegasus/Male
  4. A bulky stallion who joined the New Canterlot Republic Rangers to eliminate threats against innocent ponies while wandering the Equestrian Wasteland. Along the way, he gets recruited by a young and ambitious unicorn, oc:Haze Rad. The duo set out to travel to rebuild the radioactive wasteland.
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Derpbooru Free Edition!?
Done, only thing I changed was removing the “oc:” part from descriptions as the links still work and it’s neater. If you want this reverted for any reason just post about it here.
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Hello! Time for my semiannual revision
oc:Hazel Radiate
A unicorn with the power to infuse radiation into her magic, as well as possessing strong resistance to it. Hazel offers her unique ability, talents, and her sword as a wandering adventurer. Throughout her journey, she has met plenty of ponies and creatures alike who grew attached to her friendly and caring personality.
Among the plentiful suitors wanting Hazel, her attention has been captivated by the alluring Solar Gizmo and the inspiring Lishka
oc:Haze Rad
Due to handling biohazardous materials at a young age, Haze is able to infuse biological substances into his magic, as well as possessing strong resistance to it. He offers his talents, abilities, and his magic as a traveling companion.
Along his journey, he encounters a towering pegasus by the name of Talu Gana. He recruits the Ranger as they travel together to rebuild the wasteland.
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Been awhile since I did this so sorry if it’s wrong but, here goes
  1. OC:lillybit
  2. [MechaDragon101](/profiles/ MechaDragon101)
  3. Earth pony
  4. (Original name Lilly Purpleflame, original pony and design by RufflesGreen)
    A huge avid gamer who was very competitive at first until she met Cinnabyte, who taught her how to have fun when gaming and how to be cute and silly. She considers Cinnabyte her eternal rival but still cares for her greatly (and secretly has a slight crush on her).
  5. #2763904
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Lincoln Brewster time
  1. Spiro, Cloud Pony/Male, Derpibooru Ponification
  2. The second Spiro after Crescendo Rush. Cloud instrument repair pony and also an enervation ponification of the pince-nez tag.
Should imply derpibooru ponified and pince-nez. Thank you :)
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Manebooru is better
@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬
Thanks for doing that! I do need to update all my OC tags, so I’ll do that in this post
Could someone import the description from oc:time vortex (northerndawn) to oc:time vortex (kaifloof) ? Please and thanks. At the same time, could timocco also be updated so it implies the right Time Vortex tag?
Ocean Shore’s whole description needs updating, so I’ll fill that out here as well
  1. oc:ocean shore
  2. Kaifloof - Twitter
  3. Pegasus/Female
  4. Adopted sister to Time Vortex and 3 years younger than her sister Timey, Ocean Shore is a medic pegasus who focuses on animals/otherworldly creatures (such as pokémon) but will happily help other ponies in need, even if her skills on ponies are not up to par. Shy and timid, she tends to be very quiet and keeps to herself except around her friends and family. She has a companion Eevee named Cherry who helps her with her daily tasks.
Rosey also needs hers updated
  1. oc:rose scribbles
  2. Kaifloof - Twitter
  3. Pegasus/Female
  4. Rose Scribbles, often known as Rosey, paints with her wings during her day job and as a result, her wings are stained from years of painting. Often has her hair in a ponytail for her work, but as a result has gotten into a habit of always wearing a ponytail. At night she writes a wide variety of stories about the worlds she visits in her dreams. She treasures her plushie of Princess Luna.
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