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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I love eggheads
  1. Opal Love
  1. Female/Pegasus
  2. Opal Love Is her name and Fleetfire is just an alias given to her by her friends, she is an energetic pony and flies really really fast like Spitfire or Rainbow Dash who she admires, she wants to join the Wonderbolts!
Her mother is Messerschmitt
She loves to fly, prank her friends, playfully shock or wake up sleeping pegusi on clouds by fire. She also loves to work at the derby park in the summer.
  1. >>2748994

I have a couple ocs I’d like added.
  1. Female Pegasus
  2. The main protagonist of fanfic:song of seven. Meek and open-minded, Lightning Bug is the heart of the group. She hates conflict and will avoid fighting at any cost. When she’s not having adventures with her friends, she can be seen flying through the air delivering packages, or playing in the fields and trees.
    Lightning was born with a rare pegasi gift called stormtouch, which lets her control electricity and lightning from storm clouds. Unfortunately she cannot easily control it, she might zap herself or somebody else. It’s worse when she’s nervous, which is often.
    Lightning Bug’s destiny is jagged and unclear, just like her brand which resembles an old rune which ancient ponies used to say ‘Danger’ or ‘stay away!’
  1. Male Unicorn
  2. A main character in fanfic:song of seven. Polaris is a sharp-minded tactician and serves as the team’s resident smart guy. Impatient and fussy,
    it can be hard for Polaris to give anything or anyone the time of day if he can’t see the worth. On the flipside he can become so engrossed with an object of study that he forgets about the world around him, which may leave him open for surprise or danger. The one thing he never loses sight of is his sense of justice. If anyone has been wronged, Polaris will passionately fight to see that the situation is rectified.
    The askew compass represents Polaris’ sharp sense of honor, as well as his tendency to go off the beaten path.
  1. Male Earth Pony
  2. A main character in fanfic:song of seven. Meadow Skip’s knowledge on myths and lore is extensive, and his friendly demeanor makes him easy to talk to, so long as he’s not in the middle of doing something stupid. He spends most his day lazing under trees laying his lute. He is an insufferable flirt, and his antics never fail to exasperate his friends. When there is danger about Meadow Skip will never hesitate to act, and he is indeed much more competent than he may at first appear.
    Three leaves arranged like musical notes make up Meadow Skip’s brand. It reflects his musical nature and his breezy, noncommittal attitude.

  1. Pegasus/Female
  2. Cute Wing is Pegasus mare who lives in Ponyville primarily with her fillyhood friend Little Bolt. She works as a mail pony but her talent is providing friendship and love advice to ponies around her and yes she is a Pegasus with bat fangs.

  1. Pegasus/Male
  2. Little Bolt is a Pegasus stallion raised in Cloudsdale, he now lives in Ponyville primarily with his colthood friend Cute Wing. He works as a weather pony who’s talent is working with and manipulating stormy weather.
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  1. oc:keji
  2. Kejifox
  3. Species: Pegasus, male.
  4. Keji never gives up, even when things are tough. Optimistic type, he loves life and belives in the best.
  5. >>2728119
Sorry, just new description

  1. oc:nohra
  2. rainbowdash28
  3. Earth Pony/Female
  4. Nohra is a lovable, clumsy but very cheerful mare, can be very stubborn at times and wants to get her way. However, she is very loyal to her friends and tries to support them as much as possible in every situation. Slightly shy of strangers but generally enjoys making new friends.
  5. >>568620
Thank you very much in advance! :3
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Lincoln Brewster time
Got a couple new cute pones :3
  1. Alicorn/ Male, Street/Location Ponification
  2. Christmas-colored, Everfree-native ponification of real-life Manteca’s Comconex Road, and the patron alicorn of the creator’s beloved Cornerstone, parallel in her Equestrian universe to the Equestriterian church community. Bears a fiery leaf cutie mark as a portrait of his passion in representing both Cornerstone and Yosemite (in the creator headcanon, parallel to Everfree), the two beautiful places connected by his name road.

  1. Female Spiro (Spira)
  2. The first female Spiro, and premiere Storm Cloud Spiro as well, bearing a darker body, mane and tail than the normal. She serves as one of the main musical directors.
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