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This thread is for requesting aliases of artist tags. Since these requests are fairly common and require little discussion, this thread will allow for quicker response to such requests.
If you or another artist has changed their artist name, please post the request here in the following format:
Please remember to include relative links to the tags, which is done with this code:
For example:
In addition, if the renamining isn’t entirely clear, please provide some evidence (such as a public blog/journal post, public statement, DA redirect, etc) proving that the two tags are indeed the same person. Requests may be denied if that cannot be reasonably confirmed.
Finally, if an artist uses two distinct names intentionally (for example, to keep a certain type of content seperated from their main artist tag), please do not suggest aliasing those. Such requests will be deined, and your post will be deleted out of respect for the artist’s privacy.
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artist:alicerbear <=> artist:suelix <=> artist:the-mary-berry
These all appear to be the same artist. For example, this picture >>1235978
is tagged both “Alicebear” and “Suelix”. It even mentions “the-mary-berry” as the artist’s blog in description. The same blog’s artist also drew >>1272107 (merged) which is listed as “the-mary-berry”. In fact, other pictures from all 3 of those tags also appear on that blog. :)
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As stated by the very first post, instead of  
artist:bombard423 <=> artist:scrapplejack
“artist:bombard423”:/tags/artist-colon-bombard423 <=> “artist:scrapplejack”:/tags/artist-colon-scrapplejack
to get  
to get  
because no linking means no aliasing.
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Artist -

60 fps50 fps
The tag “60 fps” is used on gifs to show that they have a high framerate.  
However, a gif can only have a time set to 1/100, which makes 60 fps an impossible frame rate to have (without alternating frame rates).
Making “50 fps” the actual name would show the actual technical speed of the animation; but keeping “60 fps” as an alias for those who still searches for it and tags with it; so they don’t think it has been removed.
I do get the whole 30 vs 60 fps discussion, however, that doesn’t make it right to lable every high-framerate as “60 fps”. “60 fps” is a technical term, and it doesn’t simply mean “high framerate”.
A gif can have:  
…, 16⅔ fps, 20 fps, 25 fps, 33⅓ fps, 50 fps, 100 fps
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artist:it’s-maku => artist:tsudamaku
Seems to have switched tumblrs again.

artist:theponyvilleweekly <=> artist:vago-xd <=> artist:drosmigs-62
Possibly. Vago’s DA has a link to the same tumblr as Drosmigs’ tumblr does and their art both seem to have the same signature.
Also says it’s her tumblr here.

artist:poketix / artist:ra-roo => artist:jellytix
Poketix has new account, formerly named Ra-Roo, now Jellytix.

Also this request still seems to be open.
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artist:agouti-rex <> artist:krampuskind . Oddly enough, although as far as I can tell they’re the same person, of the 81 images tagged with either, only 9 are tagged with both.
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