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Derpbooru Free Edition!?
Artist is StDeadRa1 on twitter but uses StDeadRa here on derpi and that’s the more used version of their artist tag.

Artist is aferalsunflower on twitter but euphoriapony is the more used tag by far. Proof these are the same person can be seen on their Tumblr page if you click the twitter link it sends you to that twitter account.
DP — Done.
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@☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬
Regarding the tag part, I asked the artist what they wanted and they’d prefer the tags stay separate.
@ichiban iceychan 1517
Going by account names and signature, I believe “Dreamz” is meant to be their artist name.
Ultimately decided to put this into artist:vivian reed, for signature as well as being the most consistent name of theirs, noting on several sites to use the name.
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verified links
Pixiv and twitter link each other, translation of JP name is pronunced “Ga muka mi” according to google.
Forgot to mention pixiv account is at least 2 years older than the art twitter account. Not sure if their original twitter (by the same name) was ever used for art.
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never big enough
artist:nendo (and all its existing aliases) -> artist:amenendo
I don’t know when this happened, but it looks like Nendo is going by Amenendo now. They changed their name on Pixiv and Twitter. (For example, note how the the link to nendo_23’s twitter on >>2727461 redirects to amenendo_23’s twitter.) DA is the one profile they haven’t changed the name, but even there they’ve added “amenendo” as their subtitle.
EDIT: Nevermind. All the changes to their profiles have been reverted. For now it looks like “Amenendo” was some kind of joke or a very brief phase.
Background Pony #F40D
dA mutually links with Twitter
Twitter mutually links with Pixiv
Derpi user TastiMelon

artist:erzhuxa, artist:_fanzeem_ -> artist:fanzeem Someone has already done this alias, but their links could still be added in a description
Twitter URL changed from erzhuxa to _fanzeem_ as you can see by following the source of eg. >>2743952
The account’s name is Fanzeem, they sign their art with that too
VK mr_fanzeem

Twitter mutually links with Tumblr

Tumblr header states _psiionix_ is their Twitter and Instagram (however neither seem to link back to the Tumblr)
Background Pony #58E8
artist:fourthwarner should be the alias for artist:chrissythewarner. fourthwarner had been banned from dA but their posts are back up again now:
both and now have the artist:chrissythewarner tag on them and sources have been changed as well
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