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Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
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never big enough
artist:nendo (and all its existing aliases), artist:fuyugi_23 -> artist:fuyugi
Nendo’s changed his name on all his galleries. Now he’s Fuyugi_23 on Twitter and Fuyugi on Pixiv. Some of the old twitter links even redirect to his new handle; for example (the source link on >>2835799) takes you to instead.
He deactivated his Tumblr and DA accounts instead of changing those.
(And yeah, there was a false alarm about him changing his account names last year, so this time I waited a few days before posting here to make sure the change was going to stick.)
DP - Done.
Background Pony #F40D
Following up on some of my old posts that might have been skipped:
artist:grach_449, artist:crow449, artist:just_gray-x are the same artist
FA just_gray-x with links to Commishes in submissions, Commishes Crow449, Twitter Grach_449 not linked anywhere but has the same art
crow449 was aliased but grach_449 was not

not gonna quote the whole post here lol, go read the original
@Background Pony #F40D  
Ah. Yes - I remember this mess. I think we tried to sort it out some time ago and got something close to done, but … the rabbit holes have multiplied. I think this might be a good weekend kind of project.

Even though they seem to be more active on their Amino “OliveTwizzler” than their Instagram “grimalfawn”, they sign their art “grimalfawn”.
[edit] I have been made aware that the site considers their Instagram profile’s note saying “Do NOT trace, copy, or repost” as overriding that they write “Saves, shares, and comments are super appreciated” in each image’s description (as they may have meant “…on Instagram” without saying so explicitly), so whichever tag is kept will need a DNP rule associated with it.

Punctuation not used yet in tags: Instagram bird_biscuits

The sources for posts tagged “artist:ahchun” are on a bcy account with the same username as the Twitter URL nidexiaozhu - there is no direct link, but the Twitter account posts the same images without automatic watermark, at a higher res than bcy serves unwatermarked images, but not at the full res hosted on bcy which leads me to believe both accounts are legitimate.
Also, artist:ahchun has a DNP rule now so it’s extra important to finish that one.

Derpi user Anku
Their associated artist tag is artist:anku with verified Twitter “AnkuSweethurt”, however, artist:ankusweethurt is already aliased to “artist:belkasweet”
Their “About Me” says:
Anku, Anku Sweethurt | she\her
🦄 mlp artist 🦄 | 🇷🇺s | My english is bad, sorry
Also known as Belka Sweethurt (earlier)

Twitter and carrd blandboyx, Instagram and bland__boy

And then this one from icy:
@icicle wicicle 1517
Deviantart account showing the name change, and artists twitter page links to a boosty account with reterica’s name. RPhantom13 was th previous handle for the tiwtter account
artist:rphantom13 was not aliased but the others were
Background Pony #F40D
The first two are verified URLs connected to the third, for Derpi user ShelbySmol

artist:enmax33, artist:dubudrops, artist:f1shysoul not sure which to alias
artist:littlecubsoul hasn’t been tagged but might at some point (there’s pony on that account too)
Derpi user dubsz (probably)
dA enmax33 links to Twitter littlecubsoul mutually links with ko-fi dubudrops and carrd cubsouls and Twitter f1shysoul links to Behance javieravieira (don’t see any pony here) links to instagram dubudrops
Background Pony #F40D
artist:onomec and its alias artist:obsidianlit -> artist:grissaecrim
>>2864780 description at source: “A relic from the past.” vs. >>1121372
>>1061184 merged dedupe, source prior to merge “It’s an old work from many years ago that I never posted before here.”

Past and current URL variations already associated with the latter name.
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