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Soliciting opinions how to clean up "thick" tags, and general lower body descriptors

Background Pony #C953
“Thiccness” has gained popularity both in what it describes and as a term, and correspondingly there are a mess of related tags.
thicc is already aliased into thick. Should it be assumed that the site prefers the spelling “thick” over “thicc” in all tags?
What is the difference between “thick” and “curvy”?
Should wide hips, the ass was fat, thunder thighs all be made to imply thick?
Some tags originally came from specific memes, and gained traction as general descriptors.  
- the ass was fat (Arnold coypasta)  
- extra thicc/extra thick (Aku on the phone ordering a henchman)  
- dummy thicc/dummy thick (IDK the origin, it’s just a particular turn of phrase)  
Do we figure they are already beyond control to the limited scope of their memes?
the ass was fat has the official description “Any image where the character is shown to have a large/desirable butt” so at least that one seems to already be generalized.
Proposed actions:  
extra thicc (1140), extra thick (0) - pick one spelling, alias the other. Clean up which images have these tags to limit its use to the meme, retag the other images to only be thick.
gothicc (167) - imply goth, thick
dummy thicc (155), dummy thick (1) - pick one spelling, alias the other. Clean up which images have these tags to limit its use to the specific phrase, retag the other images to only be thick.
the plot thickens (13) - Limit either to the literary use (for which I think there are no relevant images), or imply weight gain and alias into butt expansion.
the ass was fat (17524), large ass large butt (23110) - The former has an official description, the latter follows the pattern used for many other body parts (huge ass, impossibly large ass, hyper ass huge butt, impossibly large butt, hyper butt). Why do both exist?
thicc ass aliased to “the ass was fat”, fat ass (393), dat ass was fat aliased to “the ass was fat”, impossibly wide ass (119), impossibly large butt (8373), thick butt (2), thicc butt (0), thick flank (1) - Imply as appropriate and alias into the corresponding standardized tags mentioned above.
the ass was too fat (341) - Seems to have a special meaning for where it doesn’t fit in something: pants, doorway, whatever. Should get a definition. Has a short description now.
thicc hips thicc hips already aliased to “wide hips”, thick hips (8) - Imply thick, alias into wide hips (12513).
child bearing hips (130) - Alias into wide hips unless it is desired as a special meaning. Since it already implies wide hips I suppose that’s already been decided at some point.
impossibly thick thighs already aliased to “impossibly large thighs”, impossibly wide thighs (45), dem thighs (14), big thighs (0), huge thighs (1), large thighs (0), thicc thighs (138) - Alias to thunder thighs unless an “impossibly” tag is warranted, in which case pick one of those.
thick legs (16), tree trunk legs (12), thicc legs (8) (note: I don’t actually think any of those 8 images deserve that tag), impossibly thick legs (1) - Figure out a reasonable single tag into which they’ll all be aliased.
that ass - Alias to the ass was fat like dat ass was, I guess. already done
thick cup cake (361), rarithicc (9), thick carrot cake (6), thiccxie (1), great and powerful thiccxie (1) - Imply thick and their character, then either keep in the vein of “busty X” tags or nuke.
[edit] just noticed bottom heavy exists too
[edit 2] and hyper pear
for characters with more-or-less normal above-the-waist proportions but oversized below-the-waist proportions
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In general, I’d rather tighten things to stay in the meme. “Dat plot” vs. “dat ass” is quite nonsensical to me.
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