Time limit for webms?

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A recent upload of mine, >>1564796 was deleted for being too long, a rule that was never made clear.

What is the limit for official content?

I'd just like to get something specific, so I can keep my content in line with the rules, and alert a mod when someone else breaks this new rule.
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I can't recall why it's not on the rules page yet, but the gist of it is:
1- Official stuff over 30 seconds long is a no
2- Official stuff with audio is a no

Official as in episodes or movie (not including trailers and whatnot). Exceptions to #2 are for very short sounds, like an explosion, boop, Fluttershy "yay", etc.

Yes it sucks, but a- it's an image booru, not a video booru, and b- Lawyers love ganking sites for video content, particularly if there's voice or music.
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