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Uploader Discussion

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What's with the massive dump of Lego movie and unikitty ulloads?
Posted by Background Pony #2FF3
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Deleted images reupload
Posted by InuYami
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Dumping a large amount of my art
Posted by OutofWorkDerpymod
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Unauthorized Upload
Posted by Spellbound Canvas
1092 Go to post by Derpy Whooves
Blocking someone
Posted by Jmiles90
43614 Go to post by Darth Shy
Tumblr NSFW Upload thread
Posted by The Smiling Pony
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changing an uploaded image with something else
Posted by Nightmare Fuel
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These type of pics should banned in favor of Forums (New rule request)
Posted by RushCars24
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Notification about breaking rules
Posted by VillainShima
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Change Artist Tag
Posted by ShepardInTheSky
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Fine Arts Badge Problem
Posted by MellowinsomeYellow
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sorry, wrong forum
Posted by Amethyst_Crystal
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Warning: Tumblr randomly serving JPEGs instead of PNGs
Posted by LostPone
6836 Go to post by St@SyaN
Problems uploading
Posted by TB Tabby
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Upcoming changes to PNG image support on Twitter (aka Twitter killed high quality art)
Posted by Yoshimon1
2754 Go to post by Background Pony #6DA7
put your tumblr archives here
Posted by furrypony
2011 Go to post by furrypony
Requesting a Merge of Two Uploads
Posted by MMFAN
1702 Go to post by St@SyaN
guide to Tumblr grabbing tools (I update this as much as I can)
Posted by furrypony
1,44512 Go to post by ~M0noponi3
What to do with the archives
Posted by furrypony
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Making photos anon all at once
Posted by Apex Soundwave
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Old uploaded anon post
Posted by End Credicts
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Looking for image
Posted by Darth Shy
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video length
Posted by ma3a
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Resolution of Twitter images
Posted by Markiz93
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Preferred way to reduce file size?
Posted by Litrojia
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