Ask our Heroes Questions :D - SPOILERS for "Ask the Mane 11"! Regarding Cyberpunk

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(Feel free to ask our heroes questions the TRADITIONAL way now! :D You can change the story possibly depending on what you ask _
Okay, so essentially once our heroes fail at proving their claims of being from the future, even through Sunny’s creative thinking of having a letter sent out to her in the future to bring back to the past, the Princesses still assume that it was an alteration spell mixed with a copy spell to make the letter seem as if it was duplicated and made to look old, as if Izzy Moonbow helped fake it.
Before Celestia and Luna decide on what to do, Sunny pleads for them to reconsider and allow them to try again, even twilight who actually does believe our heroes can’t seem to make Celestia or Luna change their minds as the princesses claim that they’ve been tricked before and can’t have it happen again.
However Sprout chimes in the conversation and points out when did Luna suddenly change her appearance to her more adult look as he says “You didn’t look like that when we first came here”. Then Hitch looking confused at Sprout causes Sprout to say “What?” with Hitch replying “When did you get here?!” As Sprout then replies “Hitch, the six of us all came together.” Sprout states before Celestia and Luna look on at one another “The odd thing is, I actually recall you appearing like this before you became Nightmare Moon in the past” Celestia says as she refers to the inconsistency within the show about Luna and Celestia’s past pastel appearances being retconned.
“Sprout, what was the last thing you can remember?” Sunny asked concerned “Well, I basically was setting up the Time Scroll we found into the machine so we could all come back here. As Sheriff, I made sure to have all our officers-” though Hitch interrupts him “Whoa whoa whoa- SHERIFF?! You were straight up barred from the station! Also I’M the sheriff!” Hitch says “Wha- no, you’re the chief of police, man!” Sprout interjects “…Chief? ._.” as hitch looks down at his badge and re-read it
“Another one?” Zipp asks looking at her sister “Another one” Pipp replies “What is this, what’s happening?” Celestia asked a bit more angry than concerned “Princesses, before we could get our hooves on the scroll, some strange cat lady grabbed ahold of it and according to the scroll, she went back somewhere near this time. So we had to use a machine powered by the scroll to head back here since the scroll was torn.” Izzy Moonbow explains
“Since Sprout is here and not manning the machine, it makes me wish my phone was working so I could-” though with that being said, Pipp’s phone seems to go off rapidly as due to earlier command, it indeed goes live to all her subscribers “…uhh… Heya Pipsqueaks ^^;”
(The “Pipsqueaks”, like in the movie, will be you all at home asking them questions :) the cyberpunk thing should more or less come very soon and explained. Hope you all are looking forward to it!)
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