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Spikezilla. Spike eats the Crysal Empire.


Discord: No. They're actually made of Twizzl- AUGH!

Doomguy: HERE COMES THE NIGHT TRAIN punches right into Discord
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Everything with Everything else.

MLP crossover with the Bone comic series. (The Running of the Leaves + The Great Cow Race = best thing ever that needs to be done)

MLP crossover with Community — Jeff becomes an "alicorn self-insert oc", Britta becomes a unicorn, Annie becomes a pegasus, Shirley becomes a zebra, Troy becomes a dragon, Abed remains as a "human self-insert", and Pierce remains as an ass becomes a donkey. (you can tell I've thought about this waaaaay too much)

Hrm… any others I have are just sort of the "run of the mill" crossovers like Doctor Who or Homestuck.
Ah well.
Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
Discord, Loki, and the Joker all walk into a bar. After several beers they begin arguing over who ranks highest as the ultimate chaos-causer. A battle ensues and many pies are thrown.

As written by Crispin Glover for maximum insanity.
Magic Toaster

I'm still waiting for a good RWBY/MLP crossover. There is one with a decent rating on FimFiction, but that one kind of messes around with MLP canon and has OCs that appear without proper introduction.
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Cthulhu X MLP

Pinkie Pie's uncle is coming to town! Gather the family and prepare the blood sigils, it's a family reunion! Oh, Pinkie's uncle also happens to be a 50 ft tall man squid monster from beyond our world. No biggie.
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The Cthulhu mythos is something of an obsession of mine, and I certainly think something like that can work, although I would not peg Cthulhu as Pinkie Pie's uncle. No, that would be Nyalathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the Bloody Tongue, the Black Pharaoh, the Haunter in the Dark. He'd be more Pinkie's speed I think.

I actually have a few ideas for a Cthulhu mythos/MLP crossover.

Shadows over Ponyville: This would be my parody of H.P. Lovecraft's somewhat overwrought writing style and his comical levels of racism. A unicorn OC, not dissimilar to his assorted self inserts in that he'd be a young, bookish, celibate gent goes to Ponyville and manages to mistake the town for an Innsmouth style cult city, thanks to those degenerate mud ponies and their coarse, vile ways.

Blessings of the Harvest: Applejack and Big Mac inducting Bloom into an ancient family ritual, a sacrifice to Shub Niggurath to ensure a bountiful harvest. Why do you think they keep pigs? This could essentially be a coming of age story for Bloom, as she desperately tries to save the hog marked for the slaughter from her own family members.

The Outsider: Essentially a straight retelling of one of Lovecraft's stories. Our narrator has lived his entire life in a subterranean realm and longs for contact. One day he decides to climb a tower which opens up into a crypt on the surface world, blunders into a party, terrifies everyone and is horrified by his own reflection. The twist in this case is the surface world is Equestria and the narrator at the end describes his own human form in the most unflattering and alien ways possible.

I could keep going for awhile on this honestly. As I said I'm a great fan of the Cthulhu mythos, and even if his writing style is a bear to get through and his racism almost comical I still do love Lovecraft.
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Crossover MLP x pc-game S.W.I.N.E. — "Fall of Eqestria" Fanfic on Russian.

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I got one…

Kamen Rider Wizard/My Little Pony. Yes, I know there's Friendship Is Showtime, but I'm willing to take it to its extreme.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you look at my uploads, you'll notice this. I figured this will serve as the plot setup. Basically, Rarity cast a spell that caused humans to despair into Phantoms and one of them survived and became Kamen Rider Wizard.

However, he has to fight Phantoms in Equestria. Not only that, but as it turns out, if the human doesn't succumb to their despair, then they will succumb to the magical energy that Equestria emits. Celestia actually prepared for the time Earth and Equestria will merge and contacted a human in Japan who heads a huge organization devoted to buying humanity enough time to make sure they survive in Equestria's harsh environment.

For those who don't know where this is leading into, this is pretty much A Kamen Rider Gaim take on The Conversion Bureau crossing over with a Kamen Rider Wizard take on Bittersweet
Cromanti Cheer
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Magic Toaster
I know, right? Although, I mostly just would like to see a fanfic that puts elements of RWBY (i.e. everyone's a badass fighting in highly stylized fight sequences with absurdly awesome weapons and powers) into the FIM universe. Perhaps we've got powered-up timber wolves (and various other elemental species) standing in as Grimm (or maybe even AoT-style titans): endless armies of soulless beasts that the Mane 7 (or whoever, maybe a young Granny Smith and her fellow settlers) have to chop up.

I guess most of my crossover-related thoughts do tend towards "fusion fics." The Mane 7 as Transformers: Animated-style Autobots, in Doctor Who-esque stories with Time Turner being more of an "expy" of the Doctor than the actual Doctor, dealing with the multi-universal time-travel clusterfuck elements of Homestuck, etc.

I guess most of those aren't terribly wacky, though. Except maybe RWBY-esque ponies. Quick! What absurd melee-weapon/firearm combo do you think each of the Mane 7 + CMC should wield?
Artcast Nyans

South Park and MLP

Diamond Tiara as Eric Cartman
Apple Bloom as Kyle Broflovski
Scootaloo as Stan Marsh
Sweetie Belle as Butters Stotch or Kenny McCormick

And Homestuck with MLP.
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Metal Gear and Half-Life. Think about it. Snake infiltrating the Citadel, Raiden slicing apart Striders, Gordon still not talking as he squares off against the Cobras.
Background Pony #EDA1
(Generator Rex x Ben 10 x Megas XLR x Oreimo) x MLP

(the crossover would be as the eroge TS is playing, but then the characters get brought over and are freaking out about what she forced them to do thinking they were just video game characters.)

I have slightly weird tastes, or are they absurd…
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