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I’m currently writing a crossover with the anime series Digimon Adventure 02, called Digital Harmony. It chronicles the adventures of the Mane 6 as they head to the Digital World to rescue Fluttershy after she was seemingly abducted by dark forces, only to find that Fluttershy herself has become corrupted by the forces of darkness.
The idea originated when I noticed a striking number of similarities between the Digimon Adventure sub-series and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, such as a series of magical artifacts with vaguely-defined powers representing certain virtues (the Elements of Harmony and the Crests), as well several similarities in characterization between members of the main cast. In particular, Fluttershy bears an artifact that embodies the virtue of Kindness, but when faced with severe emotional pressure can utterly snap. This provided an interesting parallel to Ken in Adventure 02, who due to equal parts frustration, sadness, and supernatural influence became the main villain for the first half of the season.
I’ve already gone ahead and commissioned several pieces of artwork to compliment the fic, including the title card, by Anirichie-Art:
Twilight, as you can see, is in her EQG form, which is actually a digimon called Espermon. The figure in the back is someone who’s not yet been revealed in the fic, but he’ll be important later.
In addition to the cover art, I’ve also gone ahead and commissioned several character portraits from artist C8lin-the-hedgie, which represent the Mane 6’s Digimon forms, which allow them to fight along side the main cast of Adventure 02 since their power is weakened while on Earth and the Digital World:
*Twilight Sparkle: Espermon*
Title: the Spark of Magic
Type: Wizard
Attribute: Data
Level: Hybrid (Champion Equivalent)
Special Attacks:
Starlight Swirl: Summons a disk of swirling light in the shape of a galaxy from her wand and launches it at the opponent.
Raven’s Shadow: Creates a shadowy silhouette in the shape of a Raven from her left hand and fires it at the enemy.
Profile: Espermon is a wizard digimon who embodies the dual aspects of both light and darkness to devastating effect. Despite its humanoid appearance, Espermon sometimes displays beast-like behavioral traits, such as carrying objects in its mouth or walking on all fours. Because of this, it is believed that it has spent most of its life as a mythical animal type digimon and has yet to adjust to its new form.
Author’s Comments: Espermon is based off of Twilight’s human form in the Equestria Girls spinoff, with some added wizardly duds, as well as a pair of goggles since she’s the leader (and true to Digimon tradition, gets the strongest evolution when she becomes an alicorn/winged unicorn princess in the season 3 finale.) Her “Starlight Swirl” attack is based off of Starswirl the Bearded, and her “Raven’s Shadow” is a reference to Twilight sharing a voice actress with Raven from Teen Titans. Her dual light and darkness attacks are a pun on her name being “Twilight”, but it also foreshadows an eventual plot point in the fanfic.
*Rarity: Kelpiemon*
Title: the Generous Guardian of the Lake
Type: Mythical Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Hybrid (Champion Equivalent)
Special Attacks:
Hydro Surge: Fires an intense blast of high-pressure water from its rear hooves at the opponent.
Mystery Blade: Creates a blade of light-blue energy from its horn and slashes with it, either attacking directly or firing a crescent-shaped wave of energy at the enemy.
Profile: Kelpiemon is a digimon who protects the Digital World’s lakes and rivers, and works to save digimon from both natural disasters and the forces of evil. Though somewhat vain and obsessive over its appearance, Kelpiemon is nonetheless a selfless guardian who will not hestiate to devote itself towards helping those less fortunate.
Author’s Comments: Kelpiemon is primarily based off of the mythological “Kelpie”:, and her design is mostly based on Pegasusmon. Her attacks are a reference to the pokemon Keldeo’s Hydro Pump and Sacred Sword, respectively, as Keldeo is also based off of the Kelpie. This goes doubly as a reference to a series of comics by the artist Madmax, where Rarity is portrayed as having a crush on Keldeo.
*Pinkie Pie: Shinobimon*
Title: the Bursting Laughter
Type: Ninja
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Hybrid (Champion Equivalent)
Special Attacks:
Ninja Spinner: Holds its sword outwards and spins around like a top, rushing the enemy with its blade.
Confetti Kunai: Throws a series of kunai which explode on impact, bursting into multicolored confetti.
Mirror Mirage: Uses ninjitsu to creat a series of illusory clones. The clones are merely illusions that cannot cause any physical harm and disappear when struck, but are useful for distracting and confusing opponents.
Profile: Shinobimon is a ninja digimon with unmatched skill in the art of stealth. While not especially powerful physically, it excels in techniques that can confuse and distract opponents, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Its personality is very cheerful and friendly, and while more than capable of violence, prefers to use its skill in stealth for harmless pranks or to throw surprise parties for unsuspecting digimon.
Author Comments: Shinobimon’s design is based mainly off of Shurimon, but with a more human look. Her “Mirror Mirage” attack was inspired by Too Many Pinkie Pies.
*Applejack: TimberGarurumon*
Title: the Honorable Wolf
Type: Animal
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Hybrid (Champion Equivalent)
Special Attacks:
Forest Fire: Breaths a blast of intensely hot orange fire at the opponent.
Tempest Leaf: Fires multiple razor-sharp leaves from the branches on its shoulders.
Profile: TimberGarurumon is a beast Digimon that protects the Digital World’s deciduous forests and forested mountain ranges. Its body is plated in thick wooden armor carved from a 1,000-year-old oak tree, and is heavily resistant to both extreme weather and combat damage. While it possesses a fierce combat instinct and is a ferocious hunter, it also has a strict sense of honor and remains strongly faithful to its friends and allies.
Author’s Comments: TimberGarurumon is a Garurumon subspecies inspired by MLP’s timberwolves, which are literally wolves made of wooden logs and branches. In the fic, TimberGarurumon makes her debut when T.K. is assualted by a MegaSeadramon under the control of a dark spiral from Fluttershy/Vespimon. This is a reference to Garurumon’s first digivolution, as well as Zudomon’s; in both cases T.K. was saved by a sudden digivolution when one of the other Digi-Destined tried to save him from drowning. As a bonus, Joe’s crest in the Japanese version of Adventure roughly translates to “Crest of Honesty”, just like Applejack’s Element of Harmony is the Element of Honesty.
*Rainbow Dash: Irismon*
Title: the Angel of Loyalty
Type: Angel
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Hybrid (Champion Equivalent)
Special Attacks:
Zephyr Knuckle: Fires a vortex of intense wind from its fist
Spectrum Staff: A simple attack with its staff; Irismon can also throw the staff, which returns like a boomerang.
Profile: Irismon is the digimon responsible for managing the digital world’s weather patterns, and flies across the world at the speed of wind to carry the clouds where they need to go. While not particularly intelligent or charismatic, Irismon is an extrodinarily skilled flyer and an fiercely loyal ally. Though somewhat abrasive in personality and slow to trust outsiders, those who manage to earn its trust will find a powerful partner that will never turn its back on a friend.
Author’s Comments: Irismon’s name and design are based off of Iris, the personification of the rainbow in Greek myth. Her design is also largely based on Angemon, as seen in her helmet, staff, and special attacks. She is not nearly as powerful as Angemon, however, as indicated by her having four wings rather than six. This is mainly because her powers are wind-based rather than based on holy power, so she bears no special advantages against digimon that are naturally evil.
*Fluttershy (Corrupted): Vespimon*
Title: the Sting of Cruelty
Type: Insectoid
Attribute: Virus
Level: Hybrid (Strength Unknown)
Special Attacks:
Spiking Venom: Extends the spike on its wrist to a great length, impaling opponents from a distance
Toxic Glare: Fires an optic blast from its eyes that freezes the data of weaker digimon.
Profile: Vespimon is an insectoid digimon with incredible strength and combat skill. Though it resembles Stingmon in appearance, its abilities are far stronger, and its personality is wickedly cruel. Its gaze is said to be able to completely paralyze all but the strongest of digimon, leaving them helpless to its attacks. Due to her connection to the powers of darkness, she can also create living shadows of herself that are controlled remotely through her will.
Author’s Comments: Fluttershy’s initial digimon form is obviously based off of Stingmon, and her name is based off of the Vespidae family of wasps. As the bearer of the Element of Kindness, she is infected with dark spore remotely by another villain named Dragomon through the use of ENEIGHAC, Twilight Sparkle’s attempt to create Equestria’s first computer. This is part of a mutual pact with the villain Daemon to help further their desires: Daemon procures a new dark spore from Dragomon but is unable to harvest its power without first planting it in a suitable host, preferably one with similar qualities to the original, Ken. In return for planting the dark spore in Fluttershy, Daemon promises to bring Kari to Dragomon when the time is right. In the meantime, Vespimon’s ambitions closely mirror Ken’s, but as Ken refuses to believe someone else could repeat his mistake the main characters are slow to pick up on Vespimon’s true identity. This is also because Vespimon prefers to work through the use of her shadows, astral projections of herself made of pure darkness, and as a result nobody is able to recognize her. As you might have noticed, Vespimon’s level is listed as “Strength Unknown.” From an author’s perspective, this is mainly so that she can believably prove to be a nigh-insurmountable foe in combat regardless of other digimon’s levels, though in-story it can be explained through her direct connection to evil realm known as the Dark Ocean.
There are a few other Digimon forms that I’ve also saved on my hard drive, but since they’ve yet to make an appearance I’ve no intention to spoil them here.
Anyway, that’s what I have so far. Thoughts? This is my first attempt at writing and it’s quite the ambitious project, I estimate that it will be another two years before I complete the fic in its entirety, and since I want to do well I’m open to other people’s thoughts and criticism.
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