Doctor Whooves crossover fic

Pencil Shavings

I’m having trouble working on my own little fanfic. Since my chats have given me such inspiration before, and deciding to use the fanfic forum, I’ll need your help creating a good Doctor Whooves fanfic. But be warned, I am a massive “Doctor Who” fan and may not make much sense if you haven’t seen any classical doctor who. My story line is that the Master has stolen the Doctor’s Tardis and fled into Equestria for a hiding place, there he captures the current 12th Doctor Whooves and threatenes the safety of Golden Leaf (Clara), the Doctor’s current companion. But, the Doctor the Master stole his Tardis tracked the Master down and landed in Equestria as well, but. I haven’t figured out which Doctor/companion it will be yet. I’m sure that it’ll be a tough fic to right, but it’ll be fun writing it.
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