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well i was thinking of writing a fanfic (but i would not see it as one due to not having anypony from the show but there are oc fanfics i think so eh whatever) but is in the description of a single artwork piece so i can take a break from comics for a bit

i don't want to write on Fimfiction because I'm not a professional writer and i made a few mistakes before. hopefully, I've improved but since I'm writing a love story i don't want any harsh comments if i did not do a good job especially again I'm not a professional so i write here and get feedback on ideas before writing them so i know I'm doing the love story and the interaction between the characters well and my ideas are ok or if i should change them

and i think what i wrote is enough since this is a continuation of the previous story

but i will change it to a story about love instead of romance
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