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Fanfic Writing General

Background Pony #664E
@Background Pony #58B7  
Next is a few more gifts that Snowflake receives
Replica of Paint hammer  
Ghost vacuum(from Luigi’s mansion)  
Origami book(containing steps for all origami creations)  
Translator(Allows Snowflake to read text written in a different language)
Background Pony #664E
@Background Pony #58B7  
Next, companions
Snowflake’s partners(in Super Snowflake)  
Captain Toad  
Snowflake’s permanent companions  
Blue Yoshi  
Cappy’s best friend, Crownly  
Friendly goomba named Goomb  
Olivia and Olly(remade by Snowflake)
Also, Crownly is Snowflake’s crown in the story. I thought that it would make sense
Background Pony #664E
@Background Pony #58B7  
Finally, Snowflake’s special powers obtained throughout the story
Snowflake’s new powers  
Summoning power-ups  
Changing herself into a paper version  
Ability to bring origami to life  
Turning herself into origami  
Reversing time  
Bringing paintings to life  
Ability to travel to the dream world/other dimensions  
Can alter her voice to avoid detection
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