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Fanfic Writing General

Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7  
While going to visit Zecora, Snowflake gets attacked by Timberwolves and loses all but her head, though her eyes and ears are also gone.
Rainbow dash finds her and brings her to Twilight’s castle, where Twilight and the others are, only to discover that they can’t do anything, leaving only one option. They must replace Snowflake’s missing body parts with metallic/robotic ones.
They find a robot builder to assist them in reviving Snowflake in robot form. Though he claims to have little experience in creating robots using living pony parts, he agrees after seeing the hope in their eyes
2 months later, they have finished, and Snowflake, now known as Robo-Mist, opens her now robotic eyes, which look like camera lens with red dots for pupils.
Now Robo-Mist must get used to her new appearance as a cyborg.
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7  
One night, two thieves attempt to rob Twilight’s castle because she’s a princess, but before they could start, they are suddenly knocked out by a mystery creature.
Try to guess who that creature is. (It’s not any canon characters, OCs created by me thus far, or Nyx
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7  
That creature is Silent Shifter. She is a earth pony who has somehow mastered all forms of magic and abilities such as breathing fire despite not having wings or a horn
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