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Background Pony #AC58
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Flurry Heart: Paranormal Investigator

One day, mysterious events and paranormal occurances begin to happen in Equestria. It began with only one every month, then once a week, then once every day, then twice every half day, and then 50 times every hour. Soon the ponies began to question what was real and what was fake, and it was driving them mad.

Soon, all of Equestria was in a state of madness and chaos, even to the point that Discord became worried, rather than entertained. But there was only one pony who seemed interested in discovering all these unusual happenings, and she was, of course, the teenage Princess of the Crystal Empire, who had a strong fascination for the unexplained her whole life, Princess Flurry Heart
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7
Snowflake's Journey(Remake of the Lost Alicorns)

In a world ruled by the 20 princesses, there was a time of peace among all nations, all kingdoms. No crime existed, no wars were waged, all was at peace.

But when all but one of the princesses disappeared, so did the time of peace. The nations and kingdoms began to turn on each other, and borders rose.

The remaining princess, Princess Hopeful, knew of one creature from another world who would help her reunite her friends and restore order and peace to her world.

That one creature is the most beautiful changeling ever in the multiverse, Snowflake Mist
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7
Rise of the mutants

In a lab hidden beneath a bakery in Canterlot, a pony was experimenting on creating a potion that you enable any creature to be able to access any and all powers used by all other creatures. But during his attempt to use it on one of his assistants, the potion gave the pony a mutation which led to an army of mutants threatening to turn Equestria and the world into an indestuctable army of brainless mutants.
Artist -

reformation is the best
i did a straw poll, please no one answered in my deviant art poll and I want to know what is the best one

personally, I choose the second option because I want to avoid negativity because the whole blood-drinking is just what vampire bats do but since they would not do that anymore I choose the second one because well they have sharp teeth, they transform into a bat (of a certain type) so why not and the bats would eat meat too now since again they have sharp teeth
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7
Snowflake: Queen of Harmony

When Snowflake finds Spike mocked by Twilight's friends, overworked by them, and left behind all the time, she grows very angry that her brother is being treated like this and decides to do something about it.

Snowflake has a very close relationship with the Tree of Harmony, so she tells it about Spike's situation.

Hearing this angers the Spirit of the Tree, and it decides to withdraw the power of the elements from Twilight and give them to Snowflake, along with the 12 secret elements: Bravery, Justice, Patience, Love, Trust, Acceptance, Purity, Forgiveness, Unity, Courage, Peace, and Faith.

With the power of all 18 elements of Harmony, Snowflake grows to twice the size of Celestia. The spirit of harmony also alters the shape, size, and color of Twilight's castle before giving it to Snowflake
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