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This one is a little more depressing
25 years after a terrible incident claimed the lives of everycreature she cared about, Snowflake is forced to live on, knowing that she’ll never see any of them again.
(Inspired by Remembrance, created by Ashley H)  
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaRdKsgbUdMIp-9FwEsaokg(Ashley H’s channel)  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iw6IjKDmcM&list=PLC07Pw1hRqfULci9RsYd2pAwR6C3WG7rt(Remembrance playlist)
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reformation is the best
I got a question which I need advice for future reference
how can I start a fight scene and how long should it last?
for example: very late in the chapter of my story, 3 acquaintances were going to their new home (the 3 consisting of a vampire, the phantom of the opera and a wolf pony) when suddenly 3 vampire hunters attacked.
I was thinking the wolfpony smelled garlic, I was thinking the 3 vampires hunters pop out of the bushes.
what would trigger them to show themselves and attack?
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I have a few ideas
Snowflake and the Pearl of Dimensions
Snowflake has a dream about herself using a enchanted pearl to visit other alternate universes.
When she wakes up, the pearl from her dream is fused to a crown fused to her head.
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The realm of imagination
Snowflake is struck by magic lightning that teleports her to a blank empty space extending indefinately in every direction.
Snowflake soon discovers that she can shape this world to be however she wishes, and creates her own world where she rules, and anything is possible
Background Pony #AC58
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Snowflake: Queen of the Eternal Kingdom
Snowflake is pranked and pranked over and over day after day so much that she eventually grows more and more angry.
When she desires not to be pranked one day, but is pranked anyway, she snaps. She yells at everypony there before running towards the Everfree to contact the Spirit of Harmony for comfort, for they were close friends.
But she strays from the path due to the darkness, for it was very late. She finds a enormous castle three times the size of the mountain that Canterlot sits on.
Snowflake enters the castle and explores it, finding a door with a enchanted lock which can only be opened by one who has the sacred jewel of hope, which Snowflake was born with.
She pushes the door open and a large beam of light is sent up into the sky, alerting the entire Eternal Kingdom that their eternal Queen had finally arrived after 10,000 years.
Snowflake willingly accepts to become Queen of the Eternal Kingdom forever. When she sits on her throne, she begins to change. Her tailgrows longer, her body grows 4 times bigger, with her wings being 5 times as big as they were, and her mane also grows, going down her neck. A crown of unimaginable beauty appears, and a silver staff containing a large rainbow colored crystal heart twice the size of the one in the Crystal Empire which can shoot beams to open portals to anywhere on Equus.
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What if the season 8 episode “Mean 6” had ended differently, what if the tree of Harmony had purposely shot a beam at Chrysalis after destroying the clones of the mane 6, causing every single one of her memories to disappear. . .permanently
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