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Background Pony #AC58
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Her birth, childhood, growing up, everywhere she went, everycreature she’s seen, and everything she’s done, all gone forever.
This may seem cruel at first, but in order for her to truly be reformed, all thoughts and memories must be eliminated
Background Pony #AC58
@Background Pony #58B7  
Adventures of the Future Equestrian Heroes
3 years after Luster Dawn was sent to Ponyville, the children of the mane 6: Screwball, Snowflake, Solar Wind, Nyx, Little Cheese and the Tri-pies, Golden Orchard, Stormy Flight, Mothball, Honey Swirl, and Violet Star, are summoned by the Spirit of Harmony to become the next generation of Equestrian Heroes
Background Pony #7B75
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Imagine that Equus was an endless place, full of strange creatures, beautiful plants, and hundreds of thousands of different types of terrain
I’m sending Snowflake on: The Eternal Journey
Background Pony #7B75
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And there’ll be millions of different creatures that she’ll encounter on her journey as she travels past scorching deserts, over dozens of large mountains, through dangerous forests, and across peaceful meadows
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reformation is the best
I want to make a short backstory on an old house in my story but idk how to do it
I wrote more about the guy that built the house but I want to explain more why the town decided to leave it abandoned beside it looking creepy
here is what I got, please tell me what I need to improve in the story and how can I explain the backstory better
Insert house backstory in flashback:
The old house once belonged to a stallion who travelled across Equestria.
He loved architecture; he found something called “gothic”.
It had such sharp roofs, extremely tall, old and in my opinion quite frightening from what I see in pictures.
Yet the stallion loved it and wanted something similar for a home he wanted to build here.
by 1795 he moved into the house
He thought it was beautiful. Some of us felt the same, but most did not; it was a disturbing looking home and on top of a hill, for that matter.
After some years, there was a financial crisis for architects.
With low supply, the stallion can’t do his job well enough to get pay to keep the house functioning due.
So he had no other choice but to sell the house and move to find a new job; no pony would take it. he then sold the house to the mayor at the time.
Then our current mayor gave it to us when we started the business; we had it ever since.
We don’t know what happened to the stallion, but we did hear from some old friends of his.
That, he became a loving husband to a mare, had foals and became prosperous again when things were back to normal.
Yet his old house now has withered in some places, even part of the roof fell due to neglect.
flashback ends
We did not care too much about the house. We planed to destroy it, though if you want it so much, you can have it.
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