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reformation is the best
if any of you know the original phantom of the opera book does it say on how Erik got his name because i heard he got it by accident or idk do you know or it does not say?
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I actually haven't read it, watched the 1959 film though, i used fandom.

I kinda was meaning the accident, it doesn't explain it.

It's weird, though, you'd think Erik would explain the accident, but the novel doesn't go into detail.
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reformation is the best
@Background Pony #58B7
strange I'm sure there is a reason they used accident i hope it was nothing he caused but if so again i understand why he was that way before he turned good but since it did not say i can say what i want, maybe someone accidentally called him that and he liked the name so he kept it or someone gave him the name idk i wish i can find someone who knows about the book more so i would know
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reformation is the best
i'm sorry but i want to explain this for so i can have advice


here is an idea for a love story at least the beginning

a guy who used to go to places with prostitutes, drinking or whatever but after some horrible stuff and coming back to life (long story) he lived life in the streets and learned there is more to life than what he had before and wants to have a wife and children one day

after 10 years have passed he made friends and got a job but some bad stuff happens because of a burglar who tried to steal stuff he and his friends ran away because he (the main guy) got hurt and the police came to see what's going on

so had to start over in another town after finding a house with new friends in it the main guy and his friends settled in as roommates

soon he and the rest of his friend (including the new ones) went to a bar to have fun

it has prostitutes in it but one of the guys' friends wanted him to make his moves with a lady (that is a prostitute) to test the waters in a way so he can see if he can still talk to girls and get a wife someday so he did and he was successful (very successful) little did he knew that girl he talks too will be his future wife (don't worry she's smart she can take care of her self and has no sickness again my story)

but i have a question, is it ok to say that even though the guy wants to have a family he still has his urges so he gets with a prostitute? (because i want to make the story work, romantic and i already establish the female character as a prostitute so i have no choice now.)

because is not just his story but the girl's story too because the guy will get what he wanted and the girl will get a better life because the reason she has this job is really upsetting so it will be good for her too and she wants a life similar to his too anyways so it's a win-win

do you think it still makes sense for the male character because he's got to meet this specific character somehow.
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