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reformation is the best

i have a question i read somewhere the Frankenstein’s monster killed animals in order to feed his creator in the story and that the Frankenstein’s monster tried meat once but choose to become vegetarian

if that is true and you know the story what chapter did it say that so I can read it?, if it never happened not tell me it never happened.

Background Pony #DB6A

Been thinking of another idea:

A Cross-over between OK KO, MLP G4 and MLP G5.

Artist -

Ready for G5

@Background Pony #DB6A
What if. A very important question

It can slightly alter a simple game, or completely change the entire planet

What if Nightmare moon was the hero? What if Fluttershy was never shy, but very cautious? What if pony hybrids existed

What if

Background Pony #DB6A

Ideas i have:
1: A alternative universe where Chrysalis took over equestria.
2: Twilight learning human concepts and such.
3: Twilight finds a orange smooze that can breath fire.

Do you have any new ideas??

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